SO many reports of voter suppression right now—from the disenfranchisement of Native voters in N Dakota to college students at Prairieview A&M in Wall County, Texas to 53,000 potential voters in Georgia—we must stay vigilant, and LOUD, and remember that disenfranchisement of non-white voters is one of the oldest, dirtiest tricks in the GOP playbook.

The AP is reporting that at least 53,000 voter registration applications in the state of Georgia are being held for additional screening, potentially removing the ability for a significant number of people to vote in the November election. 70% of these applications are from Black voters—and the secretary of state who’s in charge of overseeing voter reg is Brian Kemp, the Republican running against Stacey Abrams. A lawsuit has been filed, but let’s make sure to keep the pressure on:


“I am calling/writing to express my outrage about the 53,000 voter registrations that are being held up in your state. I understand that 70% of these applications are from Black residents of Georgia—this is clear voter suppression, and it is unconstitutional. I stand with Stacey Abrams and believe that Brian Kemp should step down immediately as Secretary of State, and that your office should do everything it can to ensure the swift processing of these applications.”

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