Ok, it's GO TIME. Long post ahead, but it's important stuff. Read on, and share.

The only things I feel certain of are that a) no one knows what will happen this week b) it will be some kind of fresh hell, no matter what. If you can function this week, it's time to GET TO WORK.

[Caveat: The events of this past week are deeply triggering/retraumatizing for many people who've experienced assault and if that's the case for you it is entirely OK to NOT take action this week. Ignore this post, ignore the news, focus on caring for yourself in a world that is NOT caring right now.]

So many people are asking "What can we do?!?!?!??!?!!?" I get it. Here are my suggestions for concrete, specific actions:

1. FIRST, CALL/EMAIL YOUR REPS. EVERY DAY. Call both Senators, and your Congressional rep too (yes, Kavanaugh is technically a Senate matter, but Congresspeople need to hear from us too.) If you need a script, check out, or say something like this:

"Brett Kavanaugh's rude, belligerent, unprofessional performance on Thursday showed that he is not fit for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. I believe Dr. Ford, and the other women who have come forward with allegations against him."

If you're calling your SENATOR, ask that s/he vote NO. If calling a Congressional Rep ask that s/he deliver your message to Senate colleagues. Also be sure to ID yourself as a constituent.

2. THEN, CALL THESE SENATORS (EVEN IF THEY'RE NOT YOURS): If DC lines are busy, go to their websites and call state field offices. Keep the message short, to the point:

"Please vote NO on Judge Kavanaugh. He is not fit for the Supreme Court. I believe Dr. Ford."


*Susan Collins
*Jeff Flake
*Lisa Murkowski


*Heidi Heitkamp:
*Joe Manchin

3. THEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS! Be outraged at this Kavanaugh mess BUT ALSO: EYES ON THE PRIZE. We have ONE MONTH AND ONE WEEK until November 6th—let's use this rage as fuel for ACTION on behalf of progressive candidates around the country. This is the FINAL STRETCH—ask yourself what you can offer this month, and commit to a plan.

-GOT MONEY? Even just a little? NOW IS THE TIME TO DONATE. There are so many races it can be hard to know where to donate, so here are just *some* notable/important ones to check out:

*Jacky Rosen (NV—running to flip Dean Heller's seat)
*Krysten Sinema (AZ—running to flip Jeff Flake's seat)
*Beto O’Rourke (TX; chance to ruin Ted Cruz’s life)
*Claire McCaskill (AR; sitting Dem Senator in tough re-*election. Currently viewed as a “toss-up” per recent polls)
*Heidi Heitkamp (ND; sitting Dem Senator in red state, tough re-election)

*Stacey Abrams (GA, would be first-ever Black female governor) 
*Andrew Gillum (FL, would be first Florida’s first Black governor) 
*Christine Hallquist (VT, would be first trans Governor) 
*Paulette Jordan (ID, would be first Native American governor)

*Lauren Underwood (Il-4, 31-year old progressive Black woman running in GOP-leaning Chicago suburban district)
*Ilhan Omar (MN-5, would be first Somali-American in Congress, and along w/ Rashida Tlaib who is running unopposed, would be first Muslim women in Congress)
*Andrew Janz (CA-10; running in Central California to replace Devin Nunes. Polls show him tightening the race)
*Randy Bryce (WI-1, running to replace Paul Ryan)
*Abby Finkenauer (IA-1, 29-year old progressive in a competitive race against an incumbent in a Trump-y district, would be youngest woman in Congress)
*@Michael Siegel (TX-10, Austin city attorney running against one of the richest men in Congress, also my friend!)

*Go to EMILY's List and find a few candidates to support—or donate a small amount to all of them
*Go to or Cook Political Report and find races listed as "Lean Republican" or "Toss-Up" and donate to those
*Check out the state-level races that Sister District Project is focusing on and support those.
*Get involved in your LOCAL races—who's running for mayor, school board, city council? How can you help?

*Volunteer! Knock on doors, phonebank, text bank, DO SOMETHING! Check out Swing Left and Sister District Project for ways to get involved. 
*If you're in California, check out Flip the 14
*Write postcards to voters from your cozy home (or at a bar with friends!) Check out Postcards To Voters and Postcards for America - California


If he makes it onto the court, it will, as everyone is already pointing out, impact policy, law, and life for GENERATIONS. That is why we need to be training, cultivating, and recruiting young progressive female leaders to be the Senators, Congresswomen, Governors, and Presidents that OUR kids vote for. If you want to play the long game, donate some $$$ to orgs like Emerge America, Ignite, and Higher Heights for America (which invests specifically in Black women's leadership).

Seriously, be that friend/colleague/parent during school pick-up who won't stop talking about the election. Ask people if they're registered. Spread the word, invite people over for a postcard party, sign up for a local phonebank. Show up to playdates with lawn signs for your preferred candidate. You can do it. You'll be damn glad you did. We all will.