Call for Action - January 18, 2018

From Daily Action:

New Sanctuary's Immigrant Accompaniment Program organizes community groups to stand next to undocumented people as they appear for ICE check-ins and hearings in immigration court. Ravi Ragbir, the executive director of this organization and a prominent immigrant rights activist, was detained at a recent check-in—in spite of a court-ordered stay of removal.

#ACTION: Call your senators and ask them to meet with DHS Secretary Nielsen and ask her to release Ravi Ragbir, A Number: 044-248-862, from detention. CALL 844-241-1141 (or call your Senators directly!)

Ravi's detention is part of a larger effort by ICE to intimidate, punish, and remove leadership from the movement for immigrant rights. New Sanctuary's co-founder, Jean Montrevil, was detained by ICE agents in front of his home recently, two weeks before his scheduled check-in, even though he'd been dutifully showing up for ICE check-ins for years. Eliseo Jurado, the husband of the activist and sanctuary-seeker Ingrid Latorre in Denver, was also taken by ICE this week, from the parking lot of a grocery store while he texted his wife. And, in Washington, Maru Mora Villalpando, a prominent immigration leader, was served with a notice to appear in immigration court, often the first step in the deportation process.

The people who are being detained are public figures who have actively spoken up for the human rights of immigrants, especially those facing deportation. Their removal from their communities is not coincidental—it is meant to threaten the security of the undocumented people, Dreamers, and TPS recipients they fought to protect. Moreover, it is part of a campaign by ICE and this administration to be able to cherry-pick who belongs in America, who deserves security, family, and human rights, and who is to be denied these things.