SolSun Call for Action for June 2nd

Fri June 2-Sun June 4 2017

Warning: long post ahead! Because there is SO MUCH to say and SO MUCH to do. If you wanna go right to #ACTIONS, pass up all the blah blah blah and skip to the bottom!

So. I spent yesterday at an incredible, inspiring all-day political event in San Francisco that was jam-packed with badass activists, leaders, artists, thinkers, do-ers, and politicians, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, msnbc's Joy-Ann Reid, Anna Deveare Smith, Gavin Newsom, Indivisible co-founder Leah Greenberg, founder Shannon Coulter, and more more more. It was basically the perfect place to be on the day that 45 decided to give the entire world the middle finger. Right as the official announcement came down I was listening to a conversation between Annie Leonard, ED of Greenpeace, and Gina McCarthy, the fierce hilarious heavily Boston-accented former head of the EPA. They talked about how utterly embarrassing and enraging this decision is—but they also stressed ideas that SO many others talked about, including Sen. Warren:

1. THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM (not in Congress—but in this country). Reasonable people ARE in the majority. People of color and progressive whites ARE in the majority. People who believe in climate change and science and justice ARE in the majority. We HAVE the numbers—we need to mobilize and make it happen.

2. ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL—CITIES AND STATES ARE WHERE IT'S AT. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to fighting climate change. Gavin Newsom spoke about how California will continue to lead the way. Jerry Brown was on msnbc today, basically smacking down 45 like "pshhh, whatever. I'm going to China to negotiate some real shit."

3. GRASSROOTS COMMUNITY ACTIVISM IS THE ANSWER. AND SPECIFICALLY *WOMEN* DOING GRASSROOTS COMMUNITY ACTIVISM IS THE ANSWER. Over and over the speakers said "Get together with your friends and neighbors! Join a group! Start a group!" I was like "WE ARE!!!"

4. RUN FOR OFFICE, WOMAN! We heard that a lot :)

Yes, pulling out of Paris is DEVASTATING, but they talked about how much is ALREADY happening, and will continue to happen, in the fight against climate change. There was also another sentiment that echoed throughout the day, and I'm seeing this in articles and social media today. And that is: THANK YOU TRUMP. Thank you for being so clearly, utterly, profoundly WRONG, and for ushering in the BIGGEST climate movement we've ever seen. The biggest RESISTANCE movement we've ever seen.

Author and activist Eric Liu talked about how we build citizen power, and how it's not just about "pushing back" against the administration, against the bullshit—it's also about BYPASSING it, working around it in creative and organized ways. It's about proactively creating the progressive world we want to live in.

Elizabeth Warren was practically leaping out her seat as she told us all, over and over, that WE are the solution. Yes, easy for her to say I suppose, but man she FEELS it. Don't stop, she said. Don't give up. You're not in this fight because it's easy. You're in it because you CARE. Because you have HEART. Because you know what is RIGHT.

So let's ACT. Long list here—do what you want, what you can, as long as you DO SOMETHING!

list of Mayors who have signed on to be #ClimateMayors—is your Mayor on here? If YES, call to THANK her and ask: WHAT CAN THE CITIZENS OF YOUR CITY DO NOW?

If you don't see her name, CALL AND ASK WHY.…/climate-mayors-commit-to-adopt-honor-a…

#ACTION CALL/EMAIL/TWEET YOUR GOVERNOR The Governors of Washington, California, and NY have announced their intention to start a United State Climate Alliance. If you're from these states, call to THANK them. Otherwise: Call you Governor and ask WHAT he/she is going to do? Will s/he join this alliance? Will s/he issue an executive order or commitment to uphold the Paris Agreement in spite of Trump’s choice to pull out?…/paris-agreement-donald-trump…

#ACTION Call on companies who are in the WH Strategic + Policy Forum to LEAVE the forum now, like Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger. Pressuring the business community to take bold stances like this has the potential to send a strong message. Several CEOs have already made statements about the withdrawal, but have not yet committed to leaving the advisory board. Let's put the pressure ON.

"I am calling to ask that the CEO of _______ immediately leave the White House Strategic and Policy Forum, as Elon Musk and Bob Iger have done. Donald Trump has betrayed the world community by pulling out of the Paris Accords. The whole world is watching us right now, and Mr. Trump is clearly in the wrong. Your CEO cannot be an advisor to a man who clearly will not take the advice of scientists, world leaders, and the American people."…/trump-paris-climate-reacts-adviso…

Here are the CEO names, links to their reactions, and Public Relations #s and twitter handles.

PEPSICO (CEO Indra Nooyi)

-WALMART (CEO Doug McMillon)

-GE (CEO: Jeff Immelt)
Press contacts:

Immelt response:…/ge-ceo-disappointed-at-trumps-…

-DELL (CEO: Michael S. Dell)
Dell Global Public Relations
Dave Farmer

-GM (CEO: Mary T. Barra)
Tony Cervone
Senior Vice President, Global Communications
Phone 313-667-3437
Mobile 313-920-8175

Barra's response:…/while-others-drop-out-after-…/


Global Public Relations: 1-212-270-6000

-INTEL (CEO: Brian Krzanich)

-IBM (CEO: Ginni Rometty)

Rachel Thomas
External Relations, IBM

#ACTION There are 20 Senators who URGED 45 to leave the Paris Accord—if yours is one of them, CALL AND GET PISSED!

John Barrasso, Wyoming
Roy Blunt, Missouri
John Boozman, Arkansas
Thad Cochran + Roger Wicker, Mississippi
John Cornyn, Texas
Mike Crapo, Idaho
Ted Cruz, Texas
Mike Enzi, Wyoming
Orrin Hatch, Utah
James Inhofe, Oklahoma
Mike Lee, Utah
Mitch McConnell + Rand Paul, Kentucky
David Perdue, Georgia
Jim Risch, Idaho
Pat Roberts, Kansas
Mike Rounds, South Dakota
Tim Scott, South Carolina
Richard Shelby + Luther Strange, Alabama
Thom Tillis, North Carolina…/senators-complicit-with…/

#ACTION BROADCAST YOUR DISSENT. Put a damn sign in your window that says CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, THE PRESIDENT IS NOT. Post it on FB. Make giant signs and put them around your town.

#ACTION Examine your consumer power. Get thee to

#ACTION Get creative, get hyper-local. What can your household do? What can your school district do? What can your city council do?

#ACTION Give that good green $$$

National Resources Defense Council

NextGen Climate

Union of Concerned Scientists


Sierra Club

#ACTION Indivisible has a GREAT Resource guide for this—take some time to read through and get some good facts and stats and insight on all of this madness:…/trump-against-the-planet/…/trump-against-the-planet/

Finally, one more sentiment that was echoed yesterday: It's OK to feel angry. It's OK to feel despair. It's OK to feel totally fucking miserable and pissed and disillusioned. It's OK to GRIEVE. This is not remotely easy. And it is not going to get easier or better, not for some time. We have to take care of ourselves and each other, and remain committed to being good, caring, activated citizens who ARE on the right side of history, and who can make this world better. We have no other choice.

Love + solidarity to you all!