SolSun Call for Action for June 1st

This is Leslie, one of the co-founders of Solidarity Sundays and yes, Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Pact is something so villanous that I'm not sure if we have a real human as president but some cartoon character of evil, like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.

"We don't want other countries... to laugh at us anymore," Trump said. Well, he who laughs last...

We are going to call and demand and help fund organizations that will make a difference. And we are going to give. If you have $10-100 give TODAY to your favorite environmental non-profit, like:

National Resources Defense Council

Union of Concerned Scientists


Sierra Club

There is no denying that It is awful, but it is not over yet. Just know that this is one of many steps we are going to take to make sure this planet survives.