Call for Action for June 28th


Yesterday's announcement that the healthcare bill vote will be delayed means more time for both sides: more time for McConnell to attempt to force votes from Senators, and more time for US to remind Senators who they actually work for. This article points to another potential force in this fight: GOP governors, some of whom are concerned about the bottom line for their states and are putting pressure on their Senators to oppose the bill (or force changes). Noted in the article are Kasich (OH), Sandoval (NV), Ducey (AZ), and CO Dem Gov Hickenlooper.

"GOP governors opposed to the Senate healthcare bill’s changes to Medicaid are exerting influence on their home-state senators, making it more difficult for Republican leaders to net the 50 votes they need to pass the legislation.

The GOP governors could give cover to senators who oppose the bill, but they could also make it more difficult for a Republican senator to stake out a dissenting position."

#ACTION What is YOUR Governor's stance on the healthcare bill? Do a Google search for any recent public statements your Guv has made, and then call/email accordingly. If you have a GOP Governor who has NOT made any kind of strong public statement, call and inquire about it. Cite GOP Governors like Kasich and Ducey, and ask what the fiscal impact for YOUR state will be. If your Guv is supporting the bill, let em know how you feel about THAT.

#ACTION And, of course, CONTINUE TO CALL YOUR SENATORS (and ones in other states if ya want). We're headed into a holiday weekend and calls/emails/noise will likely die down somewhat as people go on vacation, etc, so make the next few days ACTIVE and LOUD.