Call for Action for June 27th

Tues June 27, 2017

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The Hill is reporting that "Senate Republicans are delaying their effort to vote on legislation repealing ObamaCare until after the July 4 recess after a number of members said they opposed the current bill...It appeared GOP leaders faced an almost certain defeat on a procedural vote for the measure..
Several GOP senators had said they would oppose their party on the vote, including Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.), Susan Collins (Maine), Mike Lee (Utah) and Ron Johnson (Wis.). Many other GOP senators were at a minimum undecided on the vote."

THIS IS GOOD NEWS but this is NOT OVER. This means that Mitch McConnell and his merry band of robbers have more time to do anything they can to try to force votes out of Senators. It ALSO means is that Reps have to go home to their districts over the 4th of July holiday recess, where they need to HEAR FROM THEIR CONSTITUENTS. In their offices, in town halls, on the phones, in their driveways—ANYWHERE. This is exactly what they've been afraid of, and this is where WE come in big time.

#ACTION: See if your Senator is holding a Town Hall. Remember that Senators RARELY hold town halls, as these are seen as more for House Reps who have smaller constituent bases.

#ACTION Check your Senator's schedule for the recess—you can go to their website and also call their offices. Are they planning to appear in any parades? Are there public events? Are there NO public events? Get that info and then make a plan to act!

#ACTION Check in w/ local Indivisible and other activist groups to see if anything is already being planned for the upcoming recess for your Senators.