SolSun Call for Action for May 16th

Tues May 16, 2017

"Last night I had a nightmare that my home was being invaded on all sides. The front porch was covered with mean-looking men who were peeking in the windows and trying to open the door. I kept locking the locks and they just laughed. I ran to the back door and found the stairwell and backyard filled with drunk frat boys—they weren't fun-drunk, though. They were malicious and reckless and zombie-like, and also intent on coming in the house, stumbling and vomiting as they went. I tried everything I could to make them go away—I yelled, I locked doors, I screamed, I called the police, I tried to push them away. Nothing worked. I managed to escape, ran through some yards, hopped over a wall, and found myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood. I walked and walked but couldn't find my block, my address. None of the homes looked familiar. When I finally managed to find my house—it had burned. The men had set a fire. Everything was destroyed.

I woke up from this dream at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. My mind was racing—I knew exactly what it was about. No dream-interpretation book needed, no Jungian Google search. My house was America, and it was being destroyed. I laid awake in the dark, my 4-year old son sleeping sweetly next to me, and reckoned with how truly freaked out I really am.


#ACTION This is what *I'm* sending to my MoCs today. I'm also going to send it as a letter to the editor of several local papers. If you're in a similarly freaked out placed, I encourage you to also communicate your raw emotions. There are, of course, good polite scripts, like this one:

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from _______.
I'm calling to express my serious concerns about Trump discussing highly classified intelligence with the Russians, jeopardizing our national security and relationship with crucial allies. Congress must step up now to protect the safety of our nation and immediately establish an independent investigation into Trump's ties to Russia."

and this one:

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from ____.
I'm calling to express my serious concerns about Trump's recent actions interfering in the Russian investigation and the constitutional crisis we are now facing. These problems must be immediately addressed, and I urge Senator ______ to withhold unanimous consent and hold no votes or confirmations on the Senate floor until an independent investigation is established."

But today, I am freaked out and anxious and repulsed by the complicit politicians who are "troubled" (it's the new "thoughts and prayers") by this unbelievable onslaught of incompetence (at best) and malicious criminal corruption. It is all SO EXHAUSTING AND MIND-BOGGLING but we CANNOT LET THAT STOP US FROM MAKING NOISE.


Ok. Gonna send my angry dream emails, take some deep breaths, and take my kid to the park. Wearing my 'Not My President' shirt, of course.