SolSun Call for Action for May 1st

Mon, May 1, 2017


Here we are, folks: the Next 100 Days have begun. Phase 2. And how appropriate to kick off the first work week of this next phase of #TheResistance with May Day, a day of historical resistance and solidarity with workers, women, and immigrants.

A note: As we move into this next phase the SolSun crew is working on focusing and honing our resistance efforts in order to maximize effectiveness, creativity, and sustainability. The big question is: How do we KEEP GOING and KEEP ACTING and KEEP COMING TOGETHER (online AND in person) to build community, resist, and work for positive change? How do we harness and sustain momentum and passion? How do we keep going, in spite of our own busy lives and the profound challenges of working against such persistent and overwhelming bullsh*t? The answer I like to put out there is: WE JUST DO because WE HAVE TO. But from an organizational standpoint, there's obviously much more to that answer! Anyway—we can do it, we ARE doing it, we will continue to do it. More details to come, but one immediate difference is that I'm going to be streamlining the Daily Actions to ONE (ok maybe sometimes two) ACTION/s per day(ish...real talk, I might not do one every day), plus synopsis of News + Nonsense. This is intended to keep us focused on ONE action—hard to do when there is SO much coming at us, but we want to use our time and energies wisely as we push forward with this group and this broader movement. Also, while I enjoy coming up with actions just for SolSun, I'm also trying to share actions put forth by other Resistance groups, so that we're maximizing + coordinating our efforts.

1. So! With that in mind, your #ACTION for today is to get out to a May Day protest! Check this guide to find one near you. It's already popping off in SF, where activists have blocked the ICE offices and are now getting arrested. Seattle is happening, and NYC too.…/

If there aren't any actions near you, or if going to one isn't feasible/your thing, there are some suggestions for actions to take in support of immigrants here:…/

Another great and easy May Day #Action is to take a few minutes to brush up on Labor History, maybe by reading about some of the many many badass women who have been powerful leaders in the labor movement for years and years. I'm talkin Lucy Parsons, Emma Goldman, Emma Tenayuca, Dolores Huerta, Carmela Teoli, Mother Jones, the Wobblies, Jane Addams, Ida Tarbell, Hannah Silverman, Jessie de la Cruz, May Chen, Hattie Canty, and amazing contemporary activists like Ai-Jen Poo, Lorella Praeli, Anggie Godoy, and Priscilla Gonzales.