SolSun Call for Action for April 24th

Mon, 4/24/17

This is the last week of 45's first 100 days—Saturday marks that dubious milestone. Prepare thyself for 8 million thinkpieces about what he has and hasn't done. But more importantly, prepare thyself to continue RESISTING for the next 100 days. And, if he hasn't been impeached, the 100 after that. And after that....

OH BUT FIRST we have to make it through 100. Aaaaaand the government may shut down before Saturday. Ahem: "Congress is returning to Washington after a two-week recess with only a few days to prevent a looming government shutdown. Lawmakers have until Friday night to pass funding legislation to keep the government open past April 28. The 11th-hour fight comes as the Trump administration is heading toward its 100th day without any major legislative victories. Negotiations to avert a shutdown appeared to reach a stalemate late last week following a White House push to include funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall in the bill. Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget chief, said the wall is the administration's “top priority” for the talks, adding they would support key ObamaCare payments to insurers if Democrats backed the border wall money."

Oh cool so you're blackmailing us with healthcare so we pay for your f**king wall?! No. Way.…/330011-this-week-congress-returns-to-g…

JUST ONE #ACTION TODAY [thanks to Daily Action]. This is IMPORTANT—please do it!


CALL YOUR SENATORS and make it clear that funding for a border wall and a deportation force is NOT on the table. Because the White House has little to show for their first 100 days, they are now trying to cram some of their campaign promises into this discussion. No wall. No deportation force. Let your Senators hear your voice.


"Hi my name is ____ and I live in ______. I'm calling to let Sen.______ know that I oppose any kind of plan or compromise to fund the border wall. There is no benefit to building a wall, and it will cost us taxpayers billions of dollars. Thank you."