SolSun Call for Action for April 13th

April 13th, 2017

Hello everyone! I just flew in from a 10-day vacation and boy is my country tired. And by tired I mean still totally insane. I have 100 pounds of laundry to do and 1000 pounds of emails to answer but first! It's the RETURN OF SOLSUN DAILY ACTIONS!

But first: I want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to Leslie Dotson Van Every who has been holding SolSun DOWN. Thank you for all your amazing work, Leslie!


Look, it's not remotely new to say that Sean Spicer is a complete fool who is in WAY over his head with basically the Worst Job Ever. To stand up there every day and try to defend and explain and make sense of 45?! No thank you. But Sean "Former Easter Bunny" Spicer took it to a whole new level of WTF!!?!? when he made his now-viral comments about Hitler, Assad, chemical weapons, and "Holocaust Centers." Not only is this all just super WRONG and offensive as f**k (nice way to honor Passover)—it's part of a pattern of anti-Semitic rhetoric and dogwhistling that the administration has been engaged in since Day 1. As Susan Goodrich Rogan writes in Rogan's List today: "From not acknowledging Jewish victims on Holocaust Remembrance Day, to appointing anti-Semites to various positions in the administration, to skipping the White House Passover Seder...It’s time for the administration to take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions. Let’s contact our MoC and tell them we want Spicer to resign. For those of us who will be attending townhalls, or meeting with our MoC, we can make it a point to call for Sean Spicer’s resignation.

#ACTION: CALL YOUR MoCs (all three of em!)

"Hi, my name is ________ and I'm from ________. I'm calling to ask that ______[name of Rep] call for Sean Spicer to step down. His comments about Hitler, Assad, the use of chemical weapons and "Holocaust Centers" aren't just ignorant—they're part of a larger pattern of anti-Semitism within this administration. Spicer is the mouthpiece of this administration and he seems to have no idea what he's doing. Can you please tell me what ________'s [your MoC) stance is on this?"…/trump-administration-holocaust-denial-…


On April 12th, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos issued a memorandum rescinding Obama-era regulations protecting those who receive student loans. Directed at the Federal Student Aid Office, which oversees $1.1 trillion in government student loans, these regulations were enacted to safeguard borrowers by simplifying the repayment process, assisting borrowers with debt management, and providing more oversight of the loan-servicing contractors. The rules were also established to slow the increase in student loan defaults, which had grown to nearly 8.7 million loans.

The DeVos memo comes after recent lobbying efforts by the student loan industry claiming the Obama regulations were "too expensive" to implement. According to Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raski, the rollback "effectively means that the Trump administration is placing the welfare of loan contractors above those of student debtors." With the Obama regulations no longer in place, student loan defaults are also expected to increase in the coming years.

#ACTION: CALL DEVOS: 1-202-401-3000

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, ZIP]. I'm calling Secretary DeVos to express my outrage over her April 12th memo to roll back Obama era student loan regulations. Secretary DeVos is putting the welfare of loan industry contractors over that of our students. Please pass my comments along to Secretary DeVos and ask her to reconsider her position. [OPTION: ADD YOUR OWN PERSONAL STORY ABOUT STUDENT LOANS]"

3) POLICE ASSAULT A BLACK MAN FOR JAYWALKING IN SACRAMENTO. [Trigger Warning: Police violence. The video shows a white police officer assaulting a black man]

On Monday 4/11, at 5:10pm, a white police officer in Sacramento, CA, attempted to stop a 24-yr old black man, Nandi Cain Jr., for jaywalking. The confrontation escalated, and cell phone video from a witness as well as the police dash cam shows the officer charging, tackling, and repeatedly punching the man, who had removed his jacket and held up his hands to show that he was unarmed.…/la-me-ln-sacramento-officer-video-…

The Sacramento PD is investigating the incident and the officer (not yet named) is on leave. But once again, we have to ask: if a witness had not made a cell phone video and released it, would we know? We MUST keep pressure on the Sac PD and let them know we're watching. This kind of citizen vigilance is even more important now that Jeff Sessions is our AG—we KNOW that the Justice Dept in its current form is concerned with protecting the police—not the people the police are harassing, abusing, and harming.

#ACTION Call the Sacramento Police Dept and let them know that you've seen the video, are outraged by this officer's actions, and expect a thorough investigation AND the firing of the officer.

(916) 808-0800

"Hi, I am calling with a message for Chief Louie. I am outraged at the actions of your Sacramento police officer who assaulted the young black man in broad daylight. I've seen the videos, and this is inexcusable and terrifying. Please tell Chief Louie that the department must do a thorough investigation, fire the violent officer, and apologize to the community. Thank you."

Twitter: @SacPolice and @SPDOutreach