SolSun Call for Action for March 29th

Wed, March 29, 2017

On Tues 3/28 45 signed a broad executive order "intended to kill federal action on climate change and realign the nation’s energy priorities away from renewable sources and back to fossil fuels. Administration officials describe Trump’s “Energy Independence” executive order as part of a long-term strategy to promote coal-mining jobs and make energy prices cheaper, in spite of widespread evidence that the Obama climate policies the order is targeting would spur jobs in the fast-growing green energy sector and actually lower, not raise, electricity costs for consumers. Meanwhile, there is little evidence that Trump’s order will bring back jobs in the lagging coal sector.

The executive order instructs the EPA to begin the process of unwinding the Clean Power Plan (CPP)—an Obama-era rule for reducing hazardous carbon dioxide emissions generated from the U.S. power sector. It also initiates a review of the Department of Justice's defense of the rule in court, and for a working group to “reconsider” the social cost of carbon. In addition, the order brings to an end the moratorium on new and modified coal leasing on public land.

The action effectively halts a years-long historic effort to clean up the nation’s aging coal- and gas-fired power plants, which account for approximately 40 percent of the CO2 emissions produced in the United States. Carbon pollution is one of the primary causes of climate change."

[Info from the Sierra Club]…/trump-executive-order-climate-change-h……/donald-trump-orders-epa-unwind-clea…

1) #ACTION Call your MoCs and let them know that you do NOT approve of 45's anti-environment executive order; ASK where your MoCs stand on it; and (optional) share a personal story of how air quality/environmental regulations affect your/your health/your family

"Hi, my name is _____ and I'm calling from ______ to say how upset I am by Donald Trump's executive order on the Clean Power Plan. It won't create jobs—it will create more pollution. It creates a threat to the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as the public health of millions of Americans, especially children, who live with asthma, heart disease, and more. Can you please tell me what ________ plans to do about this devastating order? [OPTION: Share your own personal story about how air quality/environmental regulations affect your health/your children's health]."

2) #ACTION Commit to participating in the People's Climate March on April 29th! There are Sister Marches all over the country, and you can find more info here:

3) The executive order furthers the myth that job creation and environmental protection are at odds with each other—this is BS, and MANY experts on both sides will tell you that Green Jobs ARE the future of job creation, economic development, AND environmental protection.

#ACTION: Take a few minutes to look into what YOUR city/country/region/state is doing in terms of Green Jobs—are there local initiatives that you can support? Green Jobs fairs? And what, if anything, is your STATE doing to shore up environmental regulations in response to 45's dangerous actions and the weakening of the EPA?


Can't ignore the racist evil BS that was directed toward the esteemed Rep Maxine Waters from Bill "I write children's books about Hitler" O'Reilly yesterday. In short, Waters in one of THE fiercest, most consistently outspoken critics of 45. She is also one of 18 Black women in Congress. On Tuesday, O'Reilly was blabbering as usual on Fox News, and he mocked Waters' hair, saying, "I didn't hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig." In other words: "I AM NOT LISTENING TO THE WORDS OF THIS ESTEEMED 79 YEAR OLD BLACK WOMAN BECAUSE HER HAIR IS FUNNY TO ME." THAT IS HER GODDAMN HAIR AND O'REILLY DOES NOT GET TO DIMINISH AND MOCK HER. (If the significance of this is lost on you, please know that Black women's hair is a site of much cultural, political, familial, spiritual, and deeply personal complexity—it is also historically a site of immense judgement from white people.)…/politics/maxine-waters-not-intimidated/…/my-black-hair-a-tangled-story-of-race-and…/

#ACTION: Call the offices of Maxine Waters and let her know we have her back, that we respect and appreciate her. [Note: We're not gonna bother contacting the racist troll himself. He thrives on this crap.]

(323) 757-8900
(202) 225-2201

"Hi my name is ______ and I'm calling from _______. I want to thank Rep. Waters for being such a strong, consistent critic of Donald Trump, and a role model to women. I support her 100%! I will NOT be intimidated by this racist, sexist administration either!"