SolSun Call for Action for March 23rd

Thurs, March 23th, 2017

I feel like I say this every week (or, um, every day), but WOW THIS WEEK IS CRAZY. And I know there are many other scary crazy important things happening right now, but I'm gonna keep focus here on the Top Drama: ACHA; Gorsuch; and now, the House Intelligence Committee, whose leading members dropped two separate bombshells yesterday. In short:

-Yesterday the House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep Devin Nunes, who leads the committee charged with investigating purported Russian interference in our government (and was a member of the Trump Transition Team. Ok?!?!) made an out-of-the-blue announcement that a "source" informed his that Trump transition team communications may have been collected as part of US intelligence agencies' routine monitoring of foreign officials. In other words, Trump's team was communicating with people who were of interest to the US intelligence community. Nunes did NOT notify House Intelligence Committee minority leader Adam Schiff of his discovery, or any other members of his committee, but instead immediately informed House Speaker Paul Ryan and the media, and INVITED HIMSELF TO DC to brief President Trump. The easiest read is that he thought he was doing Trump a solid by distracting the public/media, and making it look like Trump WAS being surveilled! Just like he tweeted! But basically it backfired and he pissed everyone off (except Trump I guess who loves people who love him?) Again, Nunes went directly to the PERSON HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE INVESTIGATING. This is so far beyond any kind of precedent. House Intel Comm is prestigious, and a big deal—they have super high level intelligence access and clearance, and lots of House Reps freaked out and today Nunes apologized, like "Whoops, my bad, lapse in judgement." Bro. You're fired.

-BUT ALSO the ranking Dem on the House Intel Comm, Adam Schiff from LA, who is emerging as a kind of hero, went on Meet the Press to talk about how wrong Nunes was to do that, and toward the end of the interview he was asked about the circumstantial evidence around Trump/Russia collusion that the committee has seen, and he was like "I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial." WELL. THE PLOT, IT THICKENS.

-Also the House votes on the ACHA bill today and it's a huge mess and the GOP and Trump team are in a panic. This is Trump's first big test: Can they do it? And even if they do, is the damage to the GOP too much?

-ALSO Gorsuch hearings continue today

Just another chill day.

1. LAST CHANCE TO MAKE HEALTHCARE CALLS! The vote is TODAY in the House—call your Rep! No need to write a long script or say much beyond THANK YOUR FOR VOTING NO ON THE ACHA BILL or PLEASE VOTE NOT ON THE ACHA BILL!

Then sit back, sip some tea, scroll through twitter for updates, and feel that schadenfreude.

2) GORSUCH FILIBUSTER The Gorsuch hearings continue today. Yesterday Sen Schumer (NY) announced that he will filibuster Gorsuch. Sen Casey (PA) has also announced that he will oppose. (NOTE: There were reports yesterday about Dems looking to strike a deal w/ McConnell to approve Gorsuch in exchange for preserving the filibuster, but those reports seem really preliminary and unsubstantiated. That said, if those reports are true and that IS a course the leadership explores, we will let them know what BS that is.) As WaPo reports: "Several Democrats are facing political pressure from conservative organizations bankrolling a multimillion-dollar ad campaign designed to bolster Gorsuch." Let's show them pressure from the OTHER side—US. The Resistance.


"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m calling today to urge the Senator to take every action possible, including a filibuster, to oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court vacancy stolen from Merrick Garland through Republican obstructionism. President Trump is currently under FBI investigation for his ties to Russia and must not be allowed to appoint a justice given the unresolved questions about his presidency's legitimacy."…/14d21116-0fc7-11e7-9d5a-a8……/neil-gorsuch-filibuster-witness-heari…/


#ACTION 1) CALL YOUR REP 2) If your House Rep is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, call him/her (listed below, w/out contact info cuz, come on, you can do that right?!)

#ACTION "Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP]. I'm calling to demand that your colleague Devin Nunes step down from his position on the House Intelligence Committee. His actions yesterday demonstrate more than a lapse of judgement—he is too partisan, and too dangerous for this highly important position."

House Intelligence Committee Members

Devin Nunes, California, Chair
Mike Conaway, Texas
Peter King, New York
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey
Rick Crawford, Arkansas
Trey Gowdy, South Carolina
Tom Rooney, Florida
Will Hurd, Texas
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida
Mike Turner, Ohio
Brad Wenstrup, Ohio
Chris Stewart, Utah
Elise Stefanik, New York

Adam Schiff, California, Ranking Member
Jim Himes, Connecticut
Terri Sewell, Alabama
André Carson, Indiana
Jackie Speier, California
Mike Quigley, Illinois
Eric Swalwell, California
Joaquin Castro, Texas
Denny Heck, Washington