SolSun Call for Action for March 20th

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Ok my ReSisters...There's A LOT going on this week, but today I'm only giving you ONE #ACTION. One Very Important Action, plus a bunch of background and info. Ok, you ready? Here it is:

1) #ACTION: RECOMMIT YOURSELF TO THE RESISTANCE. That's it. I'm serious. Now read on.

How's your Resistance Energy? Where you at with making calls and writing emails? Sending letters and postcards, showing up to meetings and marches? Have you been doing less lately? Are you flagging? Are you overwhelmed? Sick of making phonecalls? Done donating to threatened non-profits? Is it starting to feel...normal? If any of these things are true, I'm not mad at you. I understand. Today marks TWO MONTHS since the Inauguration, and this shit is CRAZY and unrelenting and really damn hard. But it is our reality, and now more than ever it is CRUCIAL that we stay focused, stay engaged, and RECOMMIT—because they are waiting for us to get distracted, to get back to normal. To "calm down", give up, go away. And we 100% cannot.

Last Friday a few of us SolSun folks (Leslie Dotson Van EveryJennye GaribaldiJen LoyKathryn Ann SnyderLena Wolff + I) got to spend the entire day in downtown Oakland brainstorming The Resistance at a "Wonkathon" organized by Colleen Chien + the amazing women behind Wall-of-Us. They brought together long-game activists, policy wonks, behavioral scientists, techies, strategists, and 30+ Resistance groups (including folks from Indivisible, SwingLeft, 5Calls, Color of Change, the Women's March, Sister District, Flippable, + so many more) to connect, strategize, and collaborate on how we can build + sustain this movement. We heard from Prof George Lakoff, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, head of the NorCal ACLU Abdi Soltani, authors Arlie Russell Hochschild + Kevin Phillips, and more. It was, to say the least, an exhilarating day. My brain is basically still on fire from it all. I'll write a longer post about the whole thing, but the basic takeaway? THE PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE IS STRONG, REAL, AND HAPPENING NOW. And YOU are an ESSENTIAL part of it.…/Next-step-for-Trump-resistance…

So: please take a look at your calendar, your habits, your energy levels, your schedule, your family, your community, your heart. What can you commit to doing this week? 3 calls a day? 5? Can you tweet, post on FB, call your red state family, show up to a town hall? We know that the actions of Resistance look different from person to person, and depend on many factors—your access/your location/budget/mobility/health/time/etc. But EVERYONE can participate in SOME way. What can you do to RESIST and how can you refuse to NORMALIZE? Because LOOK WHAT IS COMING:

* Today (Mon 3/20) marks the start of the Gorsuch hearings. Gorsuch will be present, but is not expected to testify until Tuesday. Today will be made up of members of the Senate Judiciary Committee making their opening remarks.…/f52997fe-0b15-11e7-a15f-a5…

* Today FBI Director James Comey and National Security Agency (NSA) head Adm. Michael Rogers are slated to testify before the House committee investigating Russian interference in the election. Comey gave a closed-door briefing to top Senate Dems (Grassley, Feinstein + Warner) last week but this will be the first open hearing in the probe.

You can watch Comey AND Gorsuch here:

* On Thursday the full House will vote on the ACA replacement bill. It needs 216 votes to pass and move onto the Senate, and the GOP is scrambling to get those votes. GOP leaders cannot afford more than 21 defections in the House and two in the Senate. There is A LOT OF NOISE TO MAKE HERE!…/322903-the-hills-whip-list-where-repub…


And hey—if you're "Man, I am IN THIS TO WIN THIS, I don't need to recommit because I am totally unwavering!"...Then YAY and thank you and also...maybe still take a moment to reflect and recommit? Cuz it can't hurt? Just sayin'... ;)