SolSun Call for Action for March 15th

Wed, March 15, 2017

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#ProtectTransWomen! Today is a National Day of Action to Celebrate the Lives of Black Trans Women and Protect All Trans Women and Femmes. From the organizing group, GetEQUAL (read full statement on their website:

"Since taking office, Donald Trump and his administration have taken extreme steps to make his campaign promises rooted in racism, sexual violence and xenophobia the law of the land. Since he has taken office, we have been grieving and resisting with our communities around the country. His administration's latest attacks targeting transgender students and immigrants is an attempt to oppress our identities, control our lives, and intimidate us into compliance. But we have seen this before.

State-based violence is not new to our Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two Spirit and Queer communities, especially queer and trans Black, and Indigenous people...This year is on track to be the most dangerous year yet for trans women of color -- even more violent than 2016, and 2015 before that. So far in 2017, seven of our sisters have lost their lives to horrific acts of violence. These Black and native trans women’s lives were in jeopardy on multiple levels before November 8th and threats have only increased since...

Today, we are making a collective call to action. Any resistance movement that is dynamic and powerful enough to overcome white supremacists and religious extremists who hold power in our government must also be bold enough to stand up and fight back against transphobic, racist, anti-woman, anti-femme forces in our ranks and in our neighborhoods. We must demand more of ourselves and of each other."

#ACTION: Take some time to learn about the recent murders of Trans Women of Color, as well as the broader threats (including physical violence AND legislative violence) that QTPOC (Queer/Trans People of Color) face:…/03/transgender_women_killed_new_o.html…/why-have-there-been-so-many-……/39827-how-the-south-s-hate-crime…

#ACTION: Find + attend an event near you:

#ACTION: Make a donation to one of the LGBTQ Liberation orgs listed here:

2. OPPOSE HR 985!

This comes from the folks at Daily Action, and was suggested by SolSun Oakland host Kris Bradburn.

#ACTION: Call your Senator and tell them to oppose the 'Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017 (H.R. 985), which sailed through the House while we were busy gawking at the awfulness of Trumpcare.

What could be wrong with "Fairness in Class Action Litigation," you ask? Well, this particular bill is anything but fair to the American consumer, and its passage has long been on corporate Republicans' wish list. It's not enough that big businesses already have an enormous advantage over ordinary Americans in our legal system. They're now going after class-action lawsuits--one of the few remedies left to the average American.

While corporate lobbyists portray class-action suits as a frivolous, costly distraction for business, groups of wronged Americans have used them for decades to fight everything from civil rights violations to toxic drywall. By allowing individuals who have suffered similar harms to join their lawsuits, these suits are one of the few ways average Americans can have a fair fight in court without going bankrupt.

H.R. 985 would make it much more difficult for "classes" of people to join in lawsuits against corporations and civil institutions, thereby giving big businesses one more advantage over regular Americans.

#ACTION Dial (844) 241-1141 and tell your Senator that you want them to stand for justice, not corporate lobbyists!

3. CALIFORNIA-SPECIFIC #ACTION: Including this b/c we have a large # of California-based members in this group. It's also a great example of how states can organize and legislate to resist! From the ACLU of Northern California:

"Yesterday the CA Senate Appropriations Committee voted 5 to 2 on party lines to pass SB 54, the CA Values Act. Senators Beall, Wiener, Lara, Hill, and Bradford voted yes. Senators Nielsen and Bates voted no. About 10 anti-immigrant people turned out holding "no no no on SB 54" and gave hate-filled testimony. One cussed profanity at Senator Wiener for supporting the bill. We had many more people in support of SB 54.

As the bill heads to the full Senate for a vote, we urge you to let your voice be heard!

#ACTION: Call to Show Your Support for SB 54:

“Hello, my name is _________ and I would like ask _________ to support the California Values Act, SB 54. The California Values Act just passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and it is heading to the Senate floor for a vote. The bill will ensure that most state and local resources are not used to further mass deportations. The California Values Act will uphold our core principles of equal treatment, community, and compassion. Thank you."

All Senators need to hear from you, but especially if you’re constituents of these Senators/districts:

Senator Galgiani (Modesto) - @SenatorGalgiani (916-651-4005)

Senator Glazer (Contra Costa) - @Steve_Glazer (916-651-4007)

Senator Newman (North Orange County) -(916-651-4029)

Senator Portantino (North Los Angeles County) - @Portantino (916-651-4025)

Senator Roth (Riverside) - @GeneralRoth (916-651-4031)

Senator Stern (Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley) - @HenrySternCA (916-651-4027)