SolSun Call for Action for March 1st


March 1, 2017

Subject: Bills that will curtail protester rights

You’ve probably been reading in the news about bills popping up that severely punish protesters. Well, now we are gonna do some ACTION around it!

Non-violent protest is an essential part of an activist’s toolkit. Just look at Black Lives Matters, No DAPL, the Women’s March, and flooding airports during the Immigration Ban to see the impact. In response to seeing that power working and influencing government, some republicans are introducing or voting on legislation to curb mass protests. And this isn’t just one state, but 18 different states introducing bills like:

  • Making it legal to hit a protester with your car in Tennessee & North Dakota

  • Criminal penalties for protesters obstructing traffic in Florida

  • Felony charges and up to five years in prison for blocking highways in Iowa

  • Allowing police to shut down highway protests using “any means necessary” in Indiana

  • Charging protesters for the costs of policing the protests in Minnesota

Republicans are frightened by us and trying to their best to make us drop our signs and stay home. But that is not how we do. WE. ACT.

Today’s #ACTION is a double whammy asking you to ENGAGE and AMPLIFY.  

Below are three particularly awful anti-protesting bills. For each one we ask that you:

1) ENGAGE by doing the call yourself and

2) AMPLIFY it by sending the info to someone who lives in that state to email/call about it.

Also, if you live in any of the 18 states noted in the below WashPo article (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Tennessee) please feel free to do your own research and share locally.

Here we go:


Bill 540: Sen. Kim Thatcher of District 13 is proposing a bill that would require public community colleges and universities to expel any student convicted of participating in a violent riot. That’s NUTS! Although the senate committee on Education hasn’t scheduled a meeting yet to review this bill, please contact the chair of the committee, Sen. Arnie Roblan.


PH: 503-986-1705 to oppose this bill.

Sample script: Sen. Roblan, you must veto bill 540 that would require public community colleges and universities to expel any student that is convicted of participating in a violent riot. Although I would never condone violence, expelling a student will do nothing but clog local jails and not solve any solutions.


Although ACLU maintains that wearing a mask is protected by the First Amendment, Rep. Don Phillips-R new bill HB179 would make it illegal to wear a mask or a disguise during an unlawful protest. Although this bill hasn’t been scheduled yet in Missouri and Sen. Phillips is the chair of Public Safety Committee in the Missouri, we need to contact the governor of Missouri-- call Eric Greitens to make our voices heard.

PH: (573) 751-2854


Sample Script: Gov. Greitens, please vote no regarding Rep. Don Phillips’ new bill HB179, which would make it illegal to wear a mask or disguise while protesting. Even the ACLU sees wearing a mask as being protected by the first amendment.


After a group of protesters chanted “Shame on you!” to North Carolina ex-Governor McCrory and his companions due to the “Bathroom Bill”, Republican Sen. Dan Bishop of Charlotte, NC plans to introduce legislation making it a crime to “threaten, intimidate or retaliate against” current or former state officials. Although it isn’t on the books yet, let’s call the new Gov of North Carolina, Roy Cooper  to let him know that this bill CANNOT fly. (PS feel free to also give him grief about trying to sabotage the HB2 Bathroom bill repeal.)

PH: (919) 814-2000


Sample Script: Gov. Cooper, please veto Sen. Dan Bishop’s upcoming bill making it a crime to “threaten, intimidate, or retaliate against” current or former state officials. According to ACLU policy director Sarah Gillooly, the proposed legislation could limit citizens’ rights and that is not something that should be tampered with in any way.

Overarching story

Overarching story:

For Oregon:

For Missouri:

For North Carolina: