SolSun Call for Action for Feb. 6th

Mon Feb 6, 2017

From SNL to the cable news shows to the NYT, the flailing, failing Tr*mp administration is getting LOTS of attention—and not the kind of attention that he so desperately craves. And it's getting to him—at 3am he tweeted this: "I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it." LOL. You're the PRESIDENT, bro. If you have to remind everyone that you call the're probably feeling a little sensitive about it, huh?

Make no mistake—this is in large part due to the relentless, focused efforts of people like us who have been calling, protesting, and making noise. Let's keep it up! Be sure to read this article:…/trump-white-house-aides-strategy.…

So! Today we act on 3 fronts: Final day of DeVos calls; call the Senate Comm on Homeland Security + Govt Affairs on Bannon; contact the Justice Dept re: the Ban

1. The full Senate votes tomorrow to confirm (or not confirm) Betsy DeVos for Sec. of Education. A simple majority wins, but all Dems and two GOP Sens have pledged to vote no; if there's a tie, VP Pence would cast the tie-breaking vote (this has never happened for a Cabinet nom). If another GOP Senator breaks rank and votes no, she won't be confirmed. People have been FLOODING Senate offices with calls on this—today is the LAST day to do it.

Senate Dems will hold the floor for a 24-hour 'talkathon' in advance of tomorrow's vote.

#Action: Call YOUR Senators—if confirmed as No votes (and talking on the floor, thank them). if not, try to get through and ask them to vote NO. If lines are busy: send faxes! If you want to call other Senators, go for it—but PLEASE NOTE: There are MANY cut & paste action memes going around claiming that certain Senators have said they were undecided. We have found NO evidence or verification on any of those claims. This article gives a good breakdown of where Sens stand/what they've said:…

2. #Action Call the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and leave a message, asking what they plan to do about the unqualified, unvetted, and deeply dangerous Steve Bannon: 202-224-4751

3. Update on Judicial Branch ping-pong: On Friday, a Federal Judge in Washington issued a sweeping ruling that put a temporary restraining order on DT's Muslim + Refugee Ban. On Saturday night the U.S. Justice Dept filed an emergency motion to stay the restraining order (thus resuming the Ban). On Sunday morning, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in SF denied the Justice Dept's motion. The Justice Dept has until 3pm today to file a reply brief.…/trump-administration-files-a…/story…


202-514-2000—press 4 to leave a message on the public comment line.

"I am calling because the Muslim and Refugee ban is unconstitutional and unAmerican. The courts are our last line of defense between the chaos of a rogue President and his unqualified advisor Steve Bannon, and I side with former AG Sally Yates as well as the federal courts around the country who are ruling against this ban."