SolSun Call for Action for Feb. 3

*Date: Fri 2/3/17
*Source: @SolidaritySundays/@KateSchatz
*What To Do: Read, Act + Share

Let's close the week by reflecting on the fact that WOMEN in D.C. are truly leading the fight against the Tr*mp regime. At a time when the Democratic party as a whole feels weak and lagging behind the nationwide resistance, I want to highlight those who ARE taking strong stances and political risks*. Let's thank them. I'm busy today, so I'll leave it to you to look us contact info and decide how to send your gratitude :) And yes, there are dudes who are speaking out too, but look at who's making headlines right now:

-Judge Ann Donnelly, whose decision resulted in the stay on DT's unconstitutional Muslim + Refugee Ban

-Now-former AG Sally Yates, whose made the bold order that the Justice Dept not defend the Muslim + Refugee Ban

-Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL) who has introduced a bill that would effectively remove Bannon, as it bars partisan members from the National Security Council

-Rep Nancy Pelosi (CA), who blasted Steve Bannon and twice referred to him as a 'White Supremacist'—a move that is both accurate and very strategic, because it puts the phrase—and Bannon's history—directly into the media spin cycle

-Rep Barbara Lee (CA), who reintroduced the EACH Woman Act on Tues 1/31, which would strike down the Hyde Amendment, and who has been going IN on DT on Twitter for his "Black History Month" BS.

-GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine) who are the ONLY GOP Senators to publicly state that they'll oppose a Cabinet nominee (DeVos). A big deal, esp as Mitch McConnell is basically begging/ordering the GOP to act as a unified force

-Sen Dianne Feinstein, whose closing statement on Jeff Sessions was a searing critique, and who has introduced a bill to rescind the Muslim + Refugee Ban

-Sen Elizabeth Warren (MA) who has been a consistently fierce force in the Senate committees especially, and who was out at the airport protests, on her bullhorn.

-And finally, Ultimate Shade Queen Rep. Maxine Waters (CA), who has introduced legislation aimed at further investigating the Russian election interference and who, at the airport protests at LAX, had this to say: "Let me tell you something: this is what democracy is all about...Your government trying to take away your constitutional rights? Hit the streets, hit the streets, organize, protest, push 'em back and you'll win...This is what's going to create change. We can't wait on Donald Trump to do it. This is a man who thinks he is gonna take this country in a different direction. If he doesn't like his own country, he's making up lies about 'em, go live with Putin in the Kremlin in Russia, okay? Alright? Get outta here."

-Adding: The many, many female journalist who are writing/producing/developing powerful pieces about DT and his agenda. Listen to Sarah Posner on Fresh Air!

*Note: inclusion in this list is NOT an overall endorsement of the politician's general awesomeness. Most of them have been/are problematic in many ways (except Barbara Lee, she's basically perfect). The point is that, right now, they ARE the leading voices of elected officials, and they all happen to be women. Also note that they are not THE "leading voices" of the resistance in general—that would be US, the people. XOXO


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