SolSun Call for Action for Feb. 22nd

Wed 2/22/17

Before we get to the yuck, let's do a bit of yum: I want to send some shout outs and thank yous to...

-Our SolSun mods, who are handling the mega influx of new members and the steady stream of pending posts with magical speed and consistency!
-The SolSun members who (speaking of posts...) share smart, urgent, relevant posts + actions. I learn so much from your posts, and appreciate your contributions!
-The SolSun hosts who are working to connect their groups regionally/city-wide/etc. So exciting to see and hear those connections and see how folks are building local and regional coalitions.
-The people around the country who are packing town halls and demanding that their Reps DO THEIR JOBS.
-Finally, thanks to everyone who emailed us questions for our DiFi meeting today. We'll be compiling your questions into one big doc to present to the Senator.

Now: onto the...other stuff. By which I mean the terrifying and blatant rise of white capitalist patriarchal supremacy masquerading as a "presidential administration":

1) Today is the evacuation deadline for the water protectors at the Oceti Sakowin camp in N Dakota. Reports state that militarized police are there, and that a raid is imminent. #ACTION Watch this video from some of the indigenous women of #StandingRock. Watch it, share it, talk about it. Follow this story. Call your Reps and let them know you are watching, and you are outraged. As Portland SolSunners Julianna Bright writes: "It is imperative that you use your position to continue to fight for indigenous rights, environmental justice, and the curtailing of corporate greed."…/women-standing-rock-video-p…

2) The two memos signed by new Dept of Homeland Security head John Kelly were released today, and they are BAD. They outline aggressive enforcement of immigration laws, potentially resulting in millions of deportations, as they vastly increase the number of immigrants who are considered priorities for deportation.

#ACTION: What have your MoCs said on this? Does your state or city have any pending legislation related to protecting immigrants? Is your city a sanctuary city? Find out, and then act accordingly.

CALIFORNIA-SPECIFIC #ACTION: Learn about SB 54, the California Values Act which would essentially make CA a Sanctuary State. Call your *State Reps* and ask where they stand on SB 54! Find your reps here:

3) In other news: Mayors across the country are holding a "Day Of Action" to protect the ACA/healthcare.…/nation-s-mayors-hold-day-actio…

#ACTION: Find out if your mayor is participating/holding a townhall. If so, attend and/or call to thank them. If not, call the Mayor's office and ask why, and how they will protect their constituents

#ACTION: Call your *STATE SENATOR* and act her/him to pass legislation to preserve and protect the ACA's statewide consumer protections. The GOP's so-called "replacement" plans dramatically reduce funding for states. Encourage your State Senator to directly lobby your state's Congressional reps on this matter. *Note: these actions are a good way to make sure you're famiiiar with your STATE—we put most of our energy into contacting members of Congress, but we need to focus on state reps too!*

4) Finally, check this crowdfunding campaign: After anti-semitic vandals destroyed over 170 headstones in an historic Jewish cemetery outside of St. Louis, badass activist Linda Sarsour started an online campaign to encourage Muslims to donate to repair it. They've far exceeded their goal, but state that all donations in excess of the goal "will be allocated to repair any other vandalized Jewish centers."…/muslims_unite_to_repair_jewish…