Call for Action - December 14, 2017



Well. WELL. What a delight. What a shock. What an UPSET and what a REBUKE. Doug Jones has defeated Roy Moore and by now I'm pretty sure we have all seen the results, which means that we all know that Doug Jones could *very literally not have won this election* without the overwhelming support from Alabama's Black voters—ESPECIALLY Black women. *98% of Black women voted for Doug Jones.* NINETY EIGHT. Got that?!

While results also show that white women in Alabama DID support Jones in higher numbers than they did Obama (35% of white women voted jones, while only 16% voted Obama in 2012), the real story here is the Black vote. Black women are THE most consistent Democratic voting block in the country. Yet the DNC and mainstream Dem strategists/orgs/etc have consistently ignored this, choosing instead to focus on and chase elusive white swing voters/white working class votes/etc. Thankfully, MANY grassroots orgs know otherwise, and invested enormous amounts of time and money in GOTV efforts on the ground in Alabama w/ a focus on registering and empowering (historically incredibly disenfranchised) Black voters.

I've seen a lot of reactions to this in my TL, and a lot of posts along the lines of "White women, we have work to do." YES. 100% So LET'S DO SOME WORK, and LET'S START WITH MONEY.

#ACTION Give money to organizations that explicitly invest in progressive Black female leadership. Give money to Black and POC-led orgs that work on the ground in local communities, organizing, educating, registering voters, and doing the crucial GOTV work that leads to victories like this! Give your money to progressive Black female candidates. Learn about these organizations. Reach out to them. Support them. Host fundraisers for them.


Donate to THE COLLECTIVE, a PAC focused on building Black political power by recruiting, training, and electing 45 progressive Black candidates in 2017 and 2018. They've already had great success with a number of candidates who won in last months' special elections (Justin Fairchild, Vi Lyles, etc). LET'S GIVE THEM MONEY!






Donate to STACEY ABRAMS, who's running for Gov of Georgia!


Donate to DEMOCRACY IN COLOR, an org dedicated to empowering the New American Majority—multiracial, multicultural, and progressive—through media, public conversations, research and analysis on race and politics (Also check out the founder's excellent book BROWN IS THE NEW WHITE).


There is MUCH more to do—but let's put our MONEY where our mouths/FB posts/white guilt/etc are!