Call for Action - November 15, 2017

OPPOSE THE TRUMP TAX SCAM! There have been a number of great posts w/ good actions to oppose the tax "reform" plan—I wanted to share the info from Indivisible:

#ACTION: Contact your MoCs to OPPOSE the Trump Tax Scam AND write a letter to the editor of your local paper!

[the following is from Indivisible}

"We’ve finally seen the Trump Tax Scam, and unsurprisingly it’s a massive giveaway to the wealthy and corporations, paid for by raising taxes on some middle class families and forcing deep cuts down the line to critical programs like Medicare and Medicaid. They want to eliminate taxes that only affect the wealthiest individuals and let corporations pay even less than they already do. The majority of the tax benefits from the Republicans’ plan will go to the top 1%, which will exacerbate our country’s massive racial wealth gap.

The fight in Congress over the Trump Tax Scam is happening right now. Republicans voted along party lines to report their Tax Scam bill out of the Ways and Means Committee on November 9, and want to have it ready for Trump to sign by Thanksgiving. Their plan is to use the same secretive, partisan process they tried (and failed) to use for health care, using “reconciliation” to pass the Trump Tax Scam through the Senate with only 51 votes.

The first step is to pass a bill through the House, which is why it’s critical that they’re met with massive constituent opposition right now. The more pressure we put on them before they build momentum, the better a chance we have of stopping the Trump Tax Scam before it ever gets off the ground. Call your MoC and tell them: no tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. NO to the Trump Tax Scam."

#ACTIONS: As usual, the Indivisible Team has put together a comprehensive website w/ detailed info and clear #ACTIONS.

Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page for Call Scripts for Dems and Republicans, AS WELL AS a template for Letters to the Editor.

OThis is probably one of my favorite things they've put out so far because it goes beyond just calling your Rep (and a year in, let's be real, we've made A LOT OF CALLS) and gives you very clear guidelines as to how to write an effective letter. Plus you can just put in your info and it'll give you a list of local publications AS WELL AS how many other people have sent letters so far! I LOVE THIS! So: make some calls and WRITE SOME LETTERS. We need to be getting the word out about this garbage plan as much as possible.