Call for Action October 25, 2017

Of all the disasters and scandals happening lately, the sick public feud between 45 and Rep. Frederica Wilson and the family of deceased Sgt. LaDavid Johnson is's almost too hideous and embarrassing and unfathomable to think about. But we must. Because THIS is what 45 encourages and enables:…/des-plaines-facebook-post-l…

Wilson is being attacked and slandered for criticizing 45's belated and half-assed, insulting phonecall to the widow of Sgt. Johnson. She is one of 18 Black women in the House of Representatives (out of 435 members total). She is no stranger to these attacks, for sure—in 2012 she spoke out forcefully after the murder of Trayvon Martin, whose family she knew, and who were her constituents.

#ACTION: Show Rep. Wilson the respect + support she deserves. Let her know that she is appreciated and that America needs the voices and actions of strong, fierce women like her.

Rep. Frederica Wilson: 
(202) 225-4506
2445 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515