Call for Action for October 2, 2017


The SHARE Act, the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” (H.R. 3668), contains several alarming provisions that undermine public safety and environmental protections, including the “Hearing Protection” provision that deregulates the purchase of gun silencers. The sound of gunfire serves an important public safety purpose in alerting nearby people to danger, and as a result, gun silencers have long been subject to the same purchasing restrictions as machine guns, explosives, and other dangerous weapons. If made law, the SHARE Act would remove these restrictions and make it easier to buy a silencer without a background check, therefore enabling people with violent criminal records to have easy access to gun silencers. Gun silencers also do not serve any hunting-specific purpose, as there are numerous ear protection options already widely available to hunters.

From an environmental perspective, the SHARE Act would undermine the 1964 Wilderness Act and severely limit the National Park Service’s authority over the management of hunting and fishing within national park boundaries. It would replace the current requirement for reasonable limits on fishing with a lower standard of protection, resulting in overfishing and the destruction of habitats. The bill also reduces the ability of the National Park Service to regulate hunting, even in Alaskan wildlife preserves.

The SHARE Act has passed committee and now awaits a vote on the House floor.


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"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from ______.
I’m calling today to urge Rep. _______ to vote against HR 3668, the SHARE Act. The deregulation of gun silencers is dangerous to public safety and security. We must not roll back sensible gun laws that provide a safer community for all."

[feel free to add more to the script—like maybe something about how many more people would've died in Vegas if he'd had a silencer...]