SolSun Call for Action for Jan. 5th, 2017

Jan 5, 2017


One of the first orders of business of the 115th Congress is passing the REINS Act, a deceptively simple/boring piece of legislation that is the 2009 brain child of a 78-yr old Tea Partier from Kentucky. Obama threatened to veto it if it ever hit his desk, but Tr*mp has promised to sign it. The Sierra Club, the NRDC, and many other environmental groups are calling on people to call their Reps TODAY.

From Citizen Vox:

"The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act (REINS Act) would require congressional approval of all major regulations issued by federal agencies before those regulations could go into effect. This bill represents one of the most radical threats in generations to our government’s ability to protect the public from harm. The REINS Act will delay or shut down the implementation of critical new public health and safety safeguards, financial reforms and worker protections, thereby making industry even less accountable to the public. It will only benefit those corporations that wish to game the system and evade safety standards and do nothing to improve protections for the American public. The REINS Act endangers the public. The REINS Act threatens the separation of powers. The REINS Act corrupts and politicizes the regulatory process.


"Hi, I am a constituent of Rep. ________ and I'm calling to ask him/her to oppose the REINS Act. It endangers the public and the environment, threatens the separation of powers, and corrupts and politicizes the regulatory process. Thank you. Please make a record of my call and pass my sentiment on to Rep. ______"

2. While you've got that number in your phone, SAVE IT! Then look up your Senators, and save their numbers too! They should ALL be right there in your phone for easy-peasy calling.