SolSun Call for Action for Jan. 27

Fri Jan 27 2017-Sun Jan 29 2017

Hey, remember last Saturday when millions of us took to the streets as part of one of, if not THE, the biggest demonstration in American history?! And we all had amazing signs and we put DT's sad little inauguration to shame and there were incredible speakers and adorable children and it happened all over the world—even in Antarctica?! This weekend, let's make sure we remember. And let's make sure to remind everyone around us.


1. If you read any Women's March aftermath thinkpiece, make it this one by Alicia Garza, co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter. It is a clear, powerful call to action, and an honest take on what it means to build a sustainable movement moving forward—for those who have been in the struggle + the streets for a long time, and for those who are just now showing up.…/blm-co-founder-protesting-isnt-about-who-…

2.If you haven't already, sign up for the 10 Actions/100 Days, and stay connected—the marches were just the beginning!

3. Have you watched any of the speeches from the Women's March in DC yet?! Oh wow. Highly recommend taking some time to do that. I'll post some in the thread below, but maybe start with Angela Davis, who turned 73 years young yesterday.

4. Share your story! Many of you emailed your "Why I Marched" story to Sen. Feinstein, but what else have you done with it? Submit them as letters to the editor in local papers! Share them on FB—tomorrow is 1 week since the march, so a great time to post. Get creative—make your story into an infographic or art piece and post it in your window, or all over town. Keep TALKING about the March—let's not let it get subsumed in the rapid new cycle.

5. On that note, make your support VISIBLE. Keep wearing that pink hat if you have one (my daughter has been wearing hers to school almost everyday—we wore them to the movies and got so many thumbs up, and had great conversations). Still have your super-clever sign? Put it in your window, on your door, on some kind of public display. Or I don't know, carry it to the grocery store. Or make a new sign for display—I have a big yellow sign in the back window of my station wagon that just says "NOT OUR PRESIDENT". I get honks and waves and fist pumps and it is part of the way that I make VISIBLE the fact that this is NOT NORMAL OR OK. [Note: I live in the Bay Area, I am white, and I feel safe displaying these views—I acknowledge that not all are in that position, esp those who are already visibly suspect under this administration (i.e. black + brown people, queer people, Muslims, etc). Those of us who can display our resistance can do it for ourselves, AND on behalf of those who can't risk it.]

6. So many people have remarked on the amazing positivity and uplifting, even jubilant feelings at the marches. YEs they were fierce and there was anger and pain, but there was also so much love and vibrant powerful energy. Then this week came and basically ruined everything. How can you recapture/rediscover/harness some of that good energy from last weekend? How can we extend the solidarity and support? After a week of direct, clear attacks on Muslims, on immigrants, on refugees, how can you extend yourself to these communities and show support? Many of us did this after the election, but this weekend would be a great time to consider gestures of kindness (flowers, cards, etc) to local mosques, or to orgs and non-profits who work with immigrants and refugees. If you have friends/neighbors/colleagues who are undocumented—reach out. Can you offer them shelter if they need it? Legal support? Your house keys?

And finally: Have a damn good weekend, whatever you plan to do.