SolSun Call for Action for Jan. 24th

Tues, January 24, 2017

*THANK YOU to everyone who wrote to Sen. Feinstein's office! Her staff is amazed by the enormous response, and we are on their radar as an effective and organized group who can mobilize. This will be VERY IMPORTANT when the SCOTUS nominee is announced. Feinstein spoke this morning, and delayed the Sessions hearing for another week, citing the Women's March as the primary reason.

*Note: Thank you to everyone for your posts! So much amazing info coming from you all! Reminder that mods approve posts, and while we don't want to censor people or bum anyone out, we want to keep this space focused, uncluttered, and in line w/ our SolSun values of feminist, anti-racist, progressive action. On a specific note, there is a lot of social media chatter/imagery about praising the police for being nice and calm during the many Women's Marches—please know that we won't approve any posts of that nature here. We know what it looks like when police patrol demonstrations that are NOT majority white women—it looks like Ferguson, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, LA, and too many other cities to list. Folks are welcome to thank and praise police on their own, but we won't celebrate that here. Sure it's cute when a cop wears a pink hat, but juxtapose that imagery with any of the recent photos of militarized police repressing Black protesters at any BLM demonstration, and, well, that's white supremacy for ya. Just as we don't think dads who watch their own children while their wives march should be celebrated, we don't think cops should be celebrated for NOT harassing/beating/arresting citizens. Finally, if you ever have a concern about why a post wasn't approved, please reach out to mods Kate SchatzLeslie Dotson Van Every, or Jennye Garibaldi. Thanks!*

We continue to see a total onslaught of evil in Tr*mp's first week. They're coming on strong, clearly wanting a strong show of "Look how conservative we are!" force. Today we recommend:

1. INDIVISIBLE DAY OF ACTION! From the great folks behind Indivisible, today is a Day of Action: "On Tuesday, January 24, local groups across America are visiting their senators’ offices and demanding that they reject Trump’s unqualified, corrupt Cabinet nominees. Thousands of local activists like you have already committed to opposing this cast of racists, cronies, and kleptocrats by taking this in-person action. Join us, #standindivisible, and send the videos, pictures, and stories from your actions to You can search for an event to attend with your local Indivisible group here:"

If you can't attend, it's well worth contacting your Rep to say that, while you can't join a group today due to ______, you stand with Indivisible and reject the Swamp Cabinet.

If you're interested, MoveOn and Indivisible held a huge Emergency Activist Training conference call on Sunday—you can access the 90 minute call and great slides (highly recommended!) here:

2. NO ON HR 7! You would think, in the wake of Saturday's monumental Women's March that Congress might show some respect for women's rights. You'd be wrong. Instead, on Tuesday, January 24th, the House has scheduled a vote on HR 7. This unnecessary and intrusive legislation meddles with the private insurance marketplace and attacks women's reproductive rights.

*Call your House Rep TODAY and tell them to vote No on HR 7*

"I'm ____ from _____ and I'm calling to ask that Rep.______ vote NO on HR7 today."…

3. DIVEST FROM DAPL-FUNDING BANKS As many have seen, Tr*mp took the first move toward reinstating the DAPL Pipeline today. We have known this was coming, and need to resist. From Shaun King: "We need you to go ahead and begin making preparations to move your checking and savings accounts out of mainstream banks supporting the pipeline. Go ahead and find a credit union and other useful alternatives."…/who's-banking-dakota-acc…