SolSun Call for Action for Jan. 16th--MLK Day of Service

Monday, Jan 16, 2017

MLK Day:

1. Find a Reclaim MLK Day event/march/teach-in/action near you Why "Reclaim"? Because the radical legacy of MLK has been sanitized, whitewashed, and greatly diminished to make him a palatable hero that makes white America feel good and non-threatened. When we 'reclaim' his legacy we remind ourselves of the true force and meaning of his words and actions.

2. Read (or reread) 'Letter From a Birmingham Jail.' If you are white, pay special attention to the passages about the threat of the 'white moderate'. Check in with yourself, and examine the ways in which you are or have been a 'white moderate'—how can you push beyond that to a place of deep, honest understanding of race and racism and meaningful action?

3. Watch his speech on Vietnam

4. Make your own plans for next weekend's Women's March

5. Finally, if you're moved to share a quote from King on social media, please heed the words of my good friend, the writer and professor Dr. Gabriel Mendes: "The Rev. Dr. King was not a motivational speaker trafficking in inspirational platitudes for your IG/FB page. He was a radical, political, freedom fighting love warrior...Decontextualized quotes about love and hate, lightness and darkness perpetuate a King that even the most sincere reactionary could embrace. Listen to his Vietnam speech. Listen to his Poor People's Campaign speeches. Read and quote the "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." But please stop perpetuating the Hallmarkization of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."