SolSun Call for Action for Jan 13

Friday, Jan 13, 2017

Whew, this week. There are MANY calls still to be made, but we want to use this post to share...OUR NEW WEBSITE! Please check out, which features info, past infoscripts, a calendar, and A MAP OF ALL THE SOLSUN CHAPTERS! Holy moly LOOK AT ALL THESE CHAPTERS! So proud :)

A few things to note:

*If you're new to SolSun, then welcome! And please be sure to review the FB Group Description to get a sense of what we do and how we moderate this group.

*There are several cities hosting SolSun meetings THIS coming Sunday—if you're in Brooklyn (Greenpoint), Austin, Pittsburgh, Pacifica, or Portland, check em out!

*If you're hosting and you're NOT showing up on the map, let me know! kateschatz @ gmail

*If you want to host, let me know! kateschatz @ gmail

*If the event near you doesn't have a direct email or event link, contact me, or check back soon for updates.

*I included lots of pictures on the site—if there's a pic of you on the site and you DON'T want it there, let me know.

*Finally, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST! (Sign up is under the map) We'll be sending a monthly newsletter w/ info about upcoming meetings, etc. This is especially great for those who aren't on FB all the time (or, like, at all).

LOTS coming next week—people get ready! MLK Day actions nationwide; Women's March prep; #DisruptJ20 nationwide actions; and THE WOMEN'S MARCH! Info coming on all these!