SolSun Call for Actions for Jan. 1, 2017

January 1, 2017

Happy January 1st! We have a long year ahead of us, with great potential for action, resistance, and solidarity. Thank you to those who filled out our survey—we really appreciate the input. Your responses confirmed what we already knew: there is an AMAZING amount of talent, brains, experience, and passion in this group. Here's to harnessing it all! As Rebecca Solnit says in her beautiful piece in the Guardian: "We will have much work to do and we will still have the capacity to do it. It will matter more than ever that we do...In easy times, we grow slack; this will require us each to find our capacity for heroism. Some will, and my hope lies with them. Or us."

Your action today: WHAT IS YOUR POLITICAL RESOLUTION? What can you commit to in 2017? What change/s can you make in your daily/weekly/monthly habits that will help you to do the necessary work to resist Trump? Maybe your Political Resolution is becoming a monthly donor to the ACLU; maybe you go solar, or give up meat. Maybe you write a letter to the editor once a week, or commit to running for office. Hey, maybe you commit to attending SolSun every month! Or maybe it's not about yourself at all, but about reaching out to others in your community. As Solnit writes: "Those of us who are not in immediate peril have a grave responsibility to those who are."

The point is: Now is the time to get very clear on what you've been doing, and how you can do more. Let's all find our capacity for heroism—what does that look like for you?!

Welcome to the New Year, the New World, the New Resistance. XOXOOX