SolSun Call for Action for Dec. 5th



**Monday, December 5th**

NOTE:  Many members of our community have been directly or indirectly impacted by the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. We recognize that many of you are grieving and need time to process this. We are not overlooking the matter - but want to honor your grief and would like to devote more attention to this issue than can be covered off in a single daily action. More on this soon - stay tuned.”

1) Get tickets to Trump's Victory Lap tour and don't show up, showing that the empty seats means our lack of support in him and his campaign. Just what a narcissist would hate.

Fayetteville, NC zip code is: 28301

De Moines, IA zip code is: 50301

Grand Rapids, MI zipcode is: 49501

2) Thank Obama and Dept. of the Army for halting Standing Rock. Urge them to stay vigilant in the rerouting of the pipeline - this is not just an issue of tribal rights and honoring the Sioux Nation, this is an environmental issue that will have significant impact no matter where they position the pipeline.

“Dear President Obama,

Thank you for supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and denying the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built under Lake Oahe. However, I realize that we must remain vigilant. I urge you and your administration to continue to support Native American sovereignty. Even beyond your presidency, I hope that you will remain protective of clean water sources for Americans everywhere.”

“Dear Army Corps of Engineers,

Thank you for denying the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline, therefore protecting not only the tribal land that Standing Rock sits upon, but their culture and water source. While I am celebrating this victory today, I realize that a new president and administration bring with it a potential new threat. Please continue to remain vigilant in this cause and protect our people and our water sources.”

4) Let friends know about Solidarity Sunday meetings near them!

As you know this group is about ACTION. But we need people to make those actions, so please let other friends know about the upcoming events in December!