Supporting Quality Journalism

Our theme today is SUPPORTING QUALITY JOURNALISM! We need a good, thorough, free press to remain vigilant in covering *everything* that is happening right now, and for the next 4 years.

1. Subscribe to a newspaper/magazine that you often read online but haven't subscribed to OR consider giving a sub as a holiday gift. Quality publications need subscriptions!

2. In honor of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Dotson, father of Solidarity Sundays co-founder Leslie Dotson Van Every, and the first Black editor at Newsweek, make a donation of any amount to an organization that supports journalists of color:

The Maynard Institute
The Ida B Wells Memorial Foundation

3. This idea comes from the fantastic writer and journalist Lili Loofbourow. Journalists have received unprecedented levels of harassment, threats, and even physical assault during the campaign. Let's show them some love—when you read an article/essay/thinkpiece that you LIKE, let them know! Write a letter or email to the editor, or post a comment or send a tweet to the journo. It is SO rare for journos to received positive feedback—let them know you see and like what they're putting out there.