Stand in Solidarity with Standing Rock!

1. Many of you have already made phone calls to Obama, to the Army Corps of Engineers, etc, to demand that the North Dakota Access Pipeline be halted and that the assaults on Native Water Protectors cease. MAKE MORE CALLS. Below are just a FEW people to contact—see the attached link for a long list of relevant contacts. The militarized assault on StandingRock is the work of MANY people, bureaucracies, and government agencies. They ALL need to hear from us.

"I am calling during this Thanksgiving week, a time where we are supposed to celebrate the coming together of Native people and American settlers, to demand that you stop the brutal assaults on the Native people of Standing Rock and those who have come to stand with them. The whole world is watching your cruel and disgusting treatment of these brave humans who are trying to protect their water, their land, and their basic dignity. Shame on you all."

North Dakota Gov. Jack Jordan Dalrymple

Phone: 701-328-2200

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier
Phone: 701-667-3330

Morton County Commissioners Chairman Cody Schulz
Phone: 701-391-9698

2. If you can, give to one of the crowdfunding sites collecting money for the winterizing of the camps.…/…/wast-winyoung

3. Finally: many of you will host or attend a Thanksgiving celebration this Thursday. The gross and cruel irony of "celebrating" the "first Thanksgiving" while Native people are being brutalized on their own lands can NOT be lost on any of us. Consider ways that you can bring the Standing Rock movement #NoDAPL into your event on Thursday. If hosting, can you ask guests to bring supplies or donations that you can then send to SR? Can you talk about what is happening there? Can you make it part of your Thanksgiving prayer? If you're a guest, can you ask the host/s if any of this can be done? We know that Thursday will be deeply fraught for many of you as you enter the realm of Voldemort supporters, but for those who can push the issue, there is no "better" day to bring attention to this matter.