SolSun Call for Action for April 24th

Mon, 4/24/17

This is the last week of 45's first 100 days—Saturday marks that dubious milestone. Prepare thyself for 8 million thinkpieces about what he has and hasn't done. But more importantly, prepare thyself to continue RESISTING for the next 100 days. And, if he hasn't been impeached, the 100 after that. And after that....

OH BUT FIRST we have to make it through 100. Aaaaaand the government may shut down before Saturday. Ahem: "Congress is returning to Washington after a two-week recess with only a few days to prevent a looming government shutdown. Lawmakers have until Friday night to pass funding legislation to keep the government open past April 28. The 11th-hour fight comes as the Trump administration is heading toward its 100th day without any major legislative victories. Negotiations to avert a shutdown appeared to reach a stalemate late last week following a White House push to include funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall in the bill. Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget chief, said the wall is the administration's “top priority” for the talks, adding they would support key ObamaCare payments to insurers if Democrats backed the border wall money."

Oh cool so you're blackmailing us with healthcare so we pay for your f**king wall?! No. Way.…/330011-this-week-congress-returns-to-g…

JUST ONE #ACTION TODAY [thanks to Daily Action]. This is IMPORTANT—please do it!


CALL YOUR SENATORS and make it clear that funding for a border wall and a deportation force is NOT on the table. Because the White House has little to show for their first 100 days, they are now trying to cram some of their campaign promises into this discussion. No wall. No deportation force. Let your Senators hear your voice.


"Hi my name is ____ and I live in ______. I'm calling to let Sen.______ know that I oppose any kind of plan or compromise to fund the border wall. There is no benefit to building a wall, and it will cost us taxpayers billions of dollars. Thank you."

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Kate Schatz shared a link.

April 21 at 11:33am



Sat 4/22 is Earth Day and it's also the March For Science, which will be followed one week later with the People's Climate March. These back-to-back events are intended to bring public attention to the very real ways in which the Trump administration is directly threatening science—as Media Matters writes "The Trump administration has appointed a climate denier to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), proposed budget cuts that would eliminate billions of dollars for scientific research programs, called climate-related government programs “a waste of money,” and banned the use of the term “climate change” at the Department of Energy (…/energy-department-climate-change-…). As for the rest of the GOP, House Republicans have passed bills that would “stifle science at the EPA,” and the Republican-led House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has endorsed climate science denial and bogus accusations of data manipulation promulgated by propaganda outlet The committee has also held a hearing aimed at disputing the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change."

Here's the NYT on Trump's War On Science:…/the-trump-administrations-war-on-…

And here are some things you can do:

1. [from Wall-of-Us and Rise Stronger] Stand with science and the environment by commenting to the EPA here: The EPA is asking for public comment about the existing environmental protections it’s moving to dismantle.

If you want a policy expert to help craft a comment or want to join environment/science policy working groups to be a watchdog against Trump, email the good folks at Rise Stronger:

2. Did you know that not all Republicans hate science?! Yes, it's true! In fact, in March 17 GOP House members signed on to a Republican Climate Resolution. It hasn't made much progress in the House, but check this out and see if your Rep is one of the supporters—if so, call and thank her/him!…/

3. Feel like donating today? Consider supporting an organization that supports women + girls in the sciences:

The Association for Women in Science:

Girls Who Code:

Latinas in STEM:

National Girls Collaborative Project:

4. Finally, some book recommendations!

Women In Science by Rachel Ignotofsky:…

Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science by Rachel Swaby:

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Radioactive by Lauren Redniss

And this great round-up of science books from 2016:…/12/07/best-science-books-2…/

SolSun Call for Action for April 20th

Thurs 4/20/17

This Saturday is the next in a series of nationwide marches: it's the MARCH FOR SCIENCE! (I told my 8 yr old daughter about it and she was a little confused about why we were having to march "for science". I was like "I know. It's ridiculous. But still, we're going.") You can find satellite marches here:

1. TODAY IS 4/20, a special holiday for stoners everywhere. All kidding aside, marijuana laws are not just about letting people get stoned—these policies have major economic and social impacts on communities all over the country, ESPECIALLY communities of color. In recent years, an ever-growing list of states has legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, despite the fact that the Federal Controlled Substances Act still classifies marijuana in the most highly regulated category of drugs, alongside heroin and bath salts. Although the Obama administration relaxed enforcement of this federal law with respect to marijuana, Attorney General Sessions and President Trump have now indicated plans to aggressively enforce federal law against recreational marijuana use, even in states that have decriminalized it. This is not just about letting people get high—this is a major criminal and racial justice issue—though marijuana usage among Black and white Americans is roughly the same, Black American are almost 4x as likely to get arrested for it (per a 2013 ACLU report).

To reconcile federal and state law and prevent a Trump administration crackdown, a bipartisan group of representatives has proposed H.R.975, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017, which would remove federal prohibitions on marijuana for users who comply with their own state's laws. A 2017 Quinnipiac poll found that over 70% of Americans support this compromise. At a time when our country faces a serious epidemic of opiate drugs, jailing more people for using marijuana is cruel and counterproductive.

This is a HOUSE BILL so call your HOUSE REP [script from]:

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, ZIP].
I'm calling in support of the bipartisan bill H.R.975, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act. The government should be focused on fighting the opiate epidemic, not cracking down on marijuana."

2. SUPPORT COLOR OF CHANGE! If you're in a $donating$ mood, consider giving to Color Of Change, who has been INSTRUMENTAL in getting Bill O'Reilly kicked off Fox News. CoC began their anti-O'Reilly campaign in 2014, and led the fight to get advertisers to drop their sponsorship. CoC is a powerful, Black-led organization who deserves major recognition for these efforts—and they need $$$! They're not satisfied with just O'Reilly being gone—they're ready to take on that db Tucker Carlson, too. Subscribe to CoCs email updates, and donate if you can!…

SolSun Call for Action for April 19

Wed 4/19/17

We all love good news, right? Right. So here's some:

*Chaffetz won't run again

*O'Reilly has been ousted by FOX (thanks to the investigative efforts of the NYT; the brave women who went forward with their lawsuits against him; the more than 50 advertisers who pulled their sponsorships; the COUNTLESS people who pressured those advertisers; and the many women w/in FOX and the Murdoch empire who stood the f**k up and demanded that O'Reilly go)

And in SolSun news: we've received two emails today that made us feel really good about the work we're ALL doing. The first one is from a friend of a friend of SolSun host Kris Bradburn, who wrote "I met w/ Mayor Spencer (Alameda) with regards to a city issue, and for some reason she mentioned that she got a stack of postcards asking her to sign the global covenant for mayors on climate & energy...she got the message and said she'd sign. Way to go!!!"

The second is from the Chief of Staff for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, with who we met yesterday. He wrote: "You guys hit a home run. She was extremely impressed with all of you - extremely. Honestly, I think she has grown a tad tired of the simplistic chanting, and one line arguments. You guys are so in depth on policy, it really engaged and excited her. Great great job."

So, that said, here's the recap [warning: it's long!] Caveat that this will recap the meeting in general, but is informed by my own perspective and doesn't necessarily speak for all who were there. I hope to convey the gist of the meeting, AND hope to inspire and inform other folks on how they might go about setting up meetings like this. Other meeting attendees, feel free to weigh in!

Quick recap for those who are new here: Back in January, I submitted a request for a meeting with a rep from her office via the website. No connections, no strings pulled, just a basic online form. The office replied, and four of us met with her Chief of Staff, Sean. We went in representing SolSun, with the goals of introducing ourselves, getting on their radar, and gaining insight into the most effective ways to influence and communicate with the Senator. We went in prepared, informed, positive, and clear on who we are and what we do. Great meeting, and we've stayed in touch with Sean, who has since met with A LOT of activist groups. In February we were invited to meet with the Senator herself. We put together a team of SolSunners, met in advance, sourced questions from this group, and prepared an extensive, well-researched packet with concerns and questions. Then DiFi cancelled due to a medical crisis (her knee replacement), but we still met again with Sean. Last week he wrote again to say that she'd like to reschedule , so we assembled the same crew of SolSunners and put together another packet with prepared questions and concerns. In the end we only made it through a few of our questions, but we left copies of the packet with her so she + the staff will see our work and questions. It is attached below for anyone to review!…/1IRmEznFHIau1IVou1dcGzdkZiv…/edit…

The goal of our meeting was really to establish a positive connection with Feinstein, who is a Senior Senator and who holds powerful positions on the Senate Judiciary Committee (ranking Dem), the Sen Intelligence Comm, and the Sen Appropriations Comm, in the hopes of beginning a relationship with her. It's crucial to note here that meeting with her doesn't mean we *agree* with her. It's not an endorsement, we are not uncritical of her, we do not agree with her on many things. Feinstein is a moderate Dem on the hawkish end of the spectrum—she's NOT a progressive. She's practical, no-nonsense, cautious, policy-driven, and not given to sweeping political rhetoric. In Bay Area terms, she's often practically GOP. We don't believe that one meeting with her can "change her mind" or convince her of anything—we know that, and she made that clear when she explained that she won't be swayed by "thunder" and noise, and then reminded us that she became Mayor after she found her two colleagues shot dead in Nov 1978 (which was one week after Jonestown). In other words, she's a tough woman who's been through a lot and seen a lot.

That said, we do believe that there are ways we can work with her and her office. We made it very clear that we want her to take strong stances against Trump; she made it clear that, to her, the calls to "resist" are too simplistic. Politics is messy, complex, frustrating, and nuanced. This is HER talking, btw. We fully agree that we are NOT living in normal times, under normal circumstances, and that politics as usual will not cut it. That is something we conveyed both in conversation, and in the packet we left.

She began the meeting by having us all introduce ourselves (including the nervous college student interns who she instructed like a proper grandmother: "Stand up. Say your name. BOTH names, first and last!") Her vibe was warm and pleasant but also to-the-point, proper, and no-BS. She talked about the profound structural challenges facing Dems right now—the lack of votes, GOP control, etc. She began to talk a bit about how one can make change in a situation like this—basically as a way to preemptively temper any demands we might put forth. I talked about the need to get creative, and mentioned that's what activists have been doing—the rules are out the window, everything is new and crazy, and we're trying to come up with the best ways to effect change AND keep people engaged. I said that I think politicians need to do the same.

She then brought up a serious healthcare issue that's just been brought to her attention, that she's really fired up about, that she sees as a concrete way that people can resist: the potential elimination of insurance subsidies known as cost-sharing reductions (CSR) that basically enable millions of low-income people to get insurance. She shared the press release she'd received, and talked about this. One of our attendees, Sia Kollo Sellu spoke about how cuts like this would directly affect her as someone living with metastatic breast cancer. It would ELIMINATE her health care. Completely. Sia and the Senator had a powerful exchange about this, and I could tell that Feinstein was emotional about both Sia's personal story and the political issue. (Note: The Hill ran a piece about it today:…/329412-health-subsidy-demand-jams-up-s…)

I then moved us onto our policy questions. For this part I'm gonna borrow from Sahar Azi's comprehensive meeting notes (thank you Sahar!):

*Mer asked about Syria. (See the SolSun document we shared with Dianne Feinstein.)

i. Senator Feinstein, as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was sharing information about where chemical weapons have been manufactured in Syria with the Obama White House for months; the Obama administration did not react. She thinks the strike sent a message to al-Assad that was necessary. She did discuss efforts to support a moderate
opposition in Syria—and the nature of the opposition has changed over time. The goal had been to get al-Assad to the table. These efforts failed—as the Intelligence committee knew it wouldn’t. The question becomes, since we can’t forge a peace agreement, what can we do. She said she was of the opinion that we might need to do somethings we don’t what to do. She proposes, perhaps, taking out the Syrian air defense system and creating a safe zone for refugees to be safe. It is
time, perhaps to take out al-Assad, but that is not very easy. She thinks loss of life is inevitable, but perhaps we can use special forces and sophisticated tactics to carry out certain missions. All of the work that went into creating a peace agreement went away with the past administration. So what is Trump going to do? She indicated that we don't know, as he is unpredictable, but this will not be a ground war, nobody wants that, but that special forces would likely be involved. She repeatedly asserted that there are no simple answers.

*Mer asked about North Korea/China. (See the SolSun document we shared with Senator Feinstein.)

i. Senator Feinstein suggested that "making noise: might not be the way to make a difference with regard to North Korea. She described the government as improving its nuclear capacity, and the leader of North Korea as being unafraid to take people out in his quest for power. She said the US sent the Carl Vincent fleet, though our missile defense if not up to snuff. We are left with the six-party talks and whether the Chinese leader has
any say. Senator Feinstein wonders about the nature of the meeting with the Chinese President at Mar-a- Lago. She also discussed what actual weaponry the North Korean military has; she is concerned about what our intelligence knows about where this equipment can be found.

*These questions and answers took a while—because of time constraints, Leslie jumped to the final question about Activism.

i. Senator Feinstein said that she is not particularly affected by "thunder" (i.e. activist noise). She became mayor in the wake of assassination; noise is not necessarily what moves her. She then suggested that we build our membership to create policies that work. (My commentary—in other words, we should organize.) She said that she does truly believe that the thing that can get things done is the women of America getting together.

She was complimentary of our efforts, and then paid us our biggest compliment. She said that she's been watching us during the meeting, observing our facial expressions, our preparation, how we ask questions. "You should know that your group is VERY unusual," she said. In a good way? we asked. "Yes," she said emphatically. "In a very good way."

By this time there were two separate groups waiting in the lobby to meet with her (mostly white men in suits); after we took photos with her she said "I would like to have us meet again next time I'm back. We should do it over a meal." "And drinks," i added, and she said "I'll bring the wine." She also asked for any feedback or thoughts on this healthcare subsidy issue.

And that was that! We went and got lunch and high-fived each other. Over lunch at the SF Ferry Building many of us agreed that while we DISagreed with many of her positions, esp her hawkish stances on Syria and North Korea, we appreciated the chance to hear her talk about them, and respect her process. Again: We may not agree, but if we'd gone in there and yelled at her (which we would never do) or made hard demands right off the bat, I'm not sure we would get invited back. I'm not sure she would engage with us. We can now track her positions and follow up with her and her office in way that might get through better—for SolSun to now say "We OPPOSE this stance you're taking on ___" may now carry more weight.

This all might really rub some folks the wrong way, and I'm really trying to just report out and not go too deep into my own takes on effective engagement, activism, etc, but I want to be clear that this meeting represents one particular approach that's available to us as constituents who want to make change. There's a vast spectrum of actions and approaches—this one is about respectful engagement and relationship building with someone who has a great deal of power, and who will be more likely to listen to us if we come to her informed and willing to listen—but also willing to tell her what we think. We're seeking similar meetings with other California officials (Kamala Harris, Gov Brown, local mayors) and I REALLY encourage others to do the same. We are more than happy to help you advise and prep for meetings like this. We're SO lucky to have Mer Rainwater, master Organizational Development and Facilitator on our team.

Also: we have NO clue if she'll run again in 2018. We're not allowed to ask about campaigns inside the Senate office.

Ok wow I wrote a lot! Thanks for reading!

SolSun Call for Action for April 17th

Mon April 17, 2017

SolSun news! Many of you will recall that we (SolSun founders + advisory committee members + several California hosts) were invited to meet with Sen. Dianne Feinstein last month, but that the visit was cancelled. She is back home during Congressional recess, and has reached out to reschedule the meeting. A group of us (same group that was invited last time, and who prepped and planned to attend) will meet with her for one hour tomorrow (Tues) at 10am. We will share a post-meeting update tomorrow! Last time we crowd-sourced questions from you—the vast majority of them are still relevant (pretty much everything, except for resisting Gorsuch, though SCOTUS questions are certainly still relevant!). We will be reiterating many of them, and thank you once again for your input!

She's holding a townhall today (her first since the election) and I need to head into SF to attend, so today's actions are borrowed from some of our fave #Resistance folks:

1. [from Susan Goodrich Rogan's Rogan's List] NO ONE PAID ME TO GO TO THE TAX MARCH!

On Easter morning, Trump tweeted about the paid protesters at the small #TaxMarch rallies.…/trump-calls-investigation-tax-day-… Let’s remind him that we DO care about his taxes and that NONE of us were paid:

#ACTION: Go here and share your Tax March story

Call the White House: 202-456-1111


Section 6103, a tax law statute from 1924, gives three congressional committees (Senate Finance, Joint Committee on Taxation, and House Ways and Means) broad discretion to request tax returns from individuals for examination. This law was used in 1974 to obtain President Nixon’s tax returns and again in 2014 to investigate the IRS’s handling of non-profits.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) of the House Ways and Means Committee and Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) on the Senate Finance Committee, both introduced Resolutions of Inquiry in their respective committees that would direct the Treasury Department to release Trump's tax returns. However, both resolutions were struck down by the GOP majorities. The chairmen of both committees (Orrin Hatch and Kevin Brady) stated in a joint letter, "The American people have made it clear that they want Washington to fix our broken tax code — not to target the tax returns of individual citizens." However the massive countrywide attendance of the April 15th Tax March proves their statement wrong.

Acquiring Trump’s taxes is crucial to understanding his financial conflicts of interest and entanglements with Russia. The GOP is practicing partisan politics over the interests of the American people by refusing to invoke tax law statue and release critical information to their constituents.

#ACTION Call your Senators!

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, ZIP].
I'm calling to express my support for a new Resolution of Inquiry calling for the release of Trump's tax returns. The recent Tax Marches across the country proved the American public wants to know the financial ties the President has to businesses and foreign entities. Thank you for your time and attention."


Really great set of actions and resources here:…/action-1-expose-the-hypocrisy-…

4. Finally: This is the last week of the April Congressional recess! Find one near you and GO!:

SolSun Call for Action for April 14th

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Ugh. WTF. Blerg. RAWR. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. [sorry, no clever wordy preface today. just raw, furious sounds]

1. Yesterday U.S. military forces dropped the "MOAB" in Afghanistan. The MOAB is a GBU-43/B (Massive Ordinance Air Blast, or Mother of All Bombs) and is the largest nonnuclear weapon that the U.S. has, and before yesterday it HAD NEVER BEEN USED IN COMBAT. Only in testing. The MOAB is the most destructive bomb since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And it comes on the heels of TWO U.S. bombings in Syria, in the midst of ratcheted up tensions with N. Korea—AND IT'S HAPPENING WHILE CONGRESS IS IN RECESS.

This is, to put it mildly, totally insane and unbelievably dangerous and reckless. While I believe that these kinds of strikes shouldn't happen at ALL, the immediate ask here is for Congress to reassert its Constitutional duty and require the President to obtain Congressional approval for military actions like these.

#ACTION: Call your MoCs:

"Hi. This is [NAME] and I’m a constituent in [ZIP]. I’m deeply concerned that the White House is carrying out major military operations without Congressional approval. I urge [Sen/Rep____] to insist Congress reassert its Constitutional duty and require the president to obtain Congressional approval before any further military action in Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea or anywhere else. Can you please tell me what [Sen/Rep]'s stance is on this, and what he/she plans to do?"

#ACTION: Call the White House Public Comment Line: 202-456-1111

"I am an American citizen and I’m deeply concerned that the White House is carrying out major military operations without Congressional approval. The dropping of bombs on Syria and Afghanistan is reckless and dangerous for Americans, and the world. I am also outraged that Mr. Trump has returned for the 7th time to Mar-A-Lago—there is an international military crisis occurring, and he's on vacation, on taxpayer dollars, AGAIN? This is unacceptable."

2. TOWN HALLS! Speaking of Congressional Recess, do you know where + when your Rep's townhall is? Enter your zip code and find out:

#ACTION: Go here now:

3. Tomorrow are the Tax Marches! Are you going? Find marches here, and make a plan to attend. With all the insanity in the world taxes may seem less important, but a) they're not and b) any chance for people to gather en masse to RESIST is CRUCIAL! We have the chance to take to the streets for the next 3 Saturdays in a row to publicly RESIST. Let's go!

#ACTION: March tomorrow!

SolSun Call for Action for April 13th

April 13th, 2017

Hello everyone! I just flew in from a 10-day vacation and boy is my country tired. And by tired I mean still totally insane. I have 100 pounds of laundry to do and 1000 pounds of emails to answer but first! It's the RETURN OF SOLSUN DAILY ACTIONS!

But first: I want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to Leslie Dotson Van Every who has been holding SolSun DOWN. Thank you for all your amazing work, Leslie!


Look, it's not remotely new to say that Sean Spicer is a complete fool who is in WAY over his head with basically the Worst Job Ever. To stand up there every day and try to defend and explain and make sense of 45?! No thank you. But Sean "Former Easter Bunny" Spicer took it to a whole new level of WTF!!?!? when he made his now-viral comments about Hitler, Assad, chemical weapons, and "Holocaust Centers." Not only is this all just super WRONG and offensive as f**k (nice way to honor Passover)—it's part of a pattern of anti-Semitic rhetoric and dogwhistling that the administration has been engaged in since Day 1. As Susan Goodrich Rogan writes in Rogan's List today: "From not acknowledging Jewish victims on Holocaust Remembrance Day, to appointing anti-Semites to various positions in the administration, to skipping the White House Passover Seder...It’s time for the administration to take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions. Let’s contact our MoC and tell them we want Spicer to resign. For those of us who will be attending townhalls, or meeting with our MoC, we can make it a point to call for Sean Spicer’s resignation.

#ACTION: CALL YOUR MoCs (all three of em!)

"Hi, my name is ________ and I'm from ________. I'm calling to ask that ______[name of Rep] call for Sean Spicer to step down. His comments about Hitler, Assad, the use of chemical weapons and "Holocaust Centers" aren't just ignorant—they're part of a larger pattern of anti-Semitism within this administration. Spicer is the mouthpiece of this administration and he seems to have no idea what he's doing. Can you please tell me what ________'s [your MoC) stance is on this?"…/trump-administration-holocaust-denial-…


On April 12th, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos issued a memorandum rescinding Obama-era regulations protecting those who receive student loans. Directed at the Federal Student Aid Office, which oversees $1.1 trillion in government student loans, these regulations were enacted to safeguard borrowers by simplifying the repayment process, assisting borrowers with debt management, and providing more oversight of the loan-servicing contractors. The rules were also established to slow the increase in student loan defaults, which had grown to nearly 8.7 million loans.

The DeVos memo comes after recent lobbying efforts by the student loan industry claiming the Obama regulations were "too expensive" to implement. According to Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raski, the rollback "effectively means that the Trump administration is placing the welfare of loan contractors above those of student debtors." With the Obama regulations no longer in place, student loan defaults are also expected to increase in the coming years.

#ACTION: CALL DEVOS: 1-202-401-3000

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, ZIP]. I'm calling Secretary DeVos to express my outrage over her April 12th memo to roll back Obama era student loan regulations. Secretary DeVos is putting the welfare of loan industry contractors over that of our students. Please pass my comments along to Secretary DeVos and ask her to reconsider her position. [OPTION: ADD YOUR OWN PERSONAL STORY ABOUT STUDENT LOANS]"

3) POLICE ASSAULT A BLACK MAN FOR JAYWALKING IN SACRAMENTO. [Trigger Warning: Police violence. The video shows a white police officer assaulting a black man]

On Monday 4/11, at 5:10pm, a white police officer in Sacramento, CA, attempted to stop a 24-yr old black man, Nandi Cain Jr., for jaywalking. The confrontation escalated, and cell phone video from a witness as well as the police dash cam shows the officer charging, tackling, and repeatedly punching the man, who had removed his jacket and held up his hands to show that he was unarmed.…/la-me-ln-sacramento-officer-video-…

The Sacramento PD is investigating the incident and the officer (not yet named) is on leave. But once again, we have to ask: if a witness had not made a cell phone video and released it, would we know? We MUST keep pressure on the Sac PD and let them know we're watching. This kind of citizen vigilance is even more important now that Jeff Sessions is our AG—we KNOW that the Justice Dept in its current form is concerned with protecting the police—not the people the police are harassing, abusing, and harming.

#ACTION Call the Sacramento Police Dept and let them know that you've seen the video, are outraged by this officer's actions, and expect a thorough investigation AND the firing of the officer.

(916) 808-0800

"Hi, I am calling with a message for Chief Louie. I am outraged at the actions of your Sacramento police officer who assaulted the young black man in broad daylight. I've seen the videos, and this is inexcusable and terrifying. Please tell Chief Louie that the department must do a thorough investigation, fire the violent officer, and apologize to the community. Thank you."

Twitter: @SacPolice and @SPDOutreach

SolSun Call for Action for April 6th

DATE: April 6th, 2017
SUBJECT: Syrian Chemical Bombing & a bill to help
FROM: Solidarity Sundays

Although yesterday and today are bringing bits of good news like Steve Bannon being taken off National Security Council and Nunes recusing himself from the Russia probe, it is what is happening outside of the U.S. that needs our attention today.

The War in Syria took one of the most intense turns Tuesday with a chemical bombing that killed upwards of 100 people including children in a most gruesome and painful way. This is inhumane. And we cannot NOT do something--more than just adding more bombs and deaths to the list.

Fortunately, there is a bill that is about to be reintroduced to the Senate and House that is going to help. It is called H.R.1677 - Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2017. This bill, sponsored by NY Dem Rep, Eliot Engel (NY IN THE HOUSE!) has the potential to truly save lives by encouraging a negotiated political settlement in Syria!!!! And we need our members of congress to back it and get it through. Fore more info on bill--…/115th-congr…/house-bill/1677/text

So, here’s what we can do:

ACTION # 1: CONTACT YOUR MOC TODAY ASKING THEM TO BACK HR-1677, THE CEASAR BILL, which has been created to halt the wholesale slaughter of the Syrian people, encourage a negotiated political settlement, and hold Syrian human rights abusers accountable for their crimes.

Sample Script :
On the heels of the atrocious chemical bombing in Syria, please back HR-1677, the Ceasar bill, which will hopefully put a halt to the wholesale slaughter of the Syrian people, encourage a negotiated political settlement, and hold Syrian human rights abusers accountable for their crimes. This bill must pass and I will hold you accountable for helping push it through to save thousands of lives. It is the right thing to do and you must do it.

ACTION # 2) Donate to the White Helmets.

As Fred Rogers famously said to calm children in dire circumstances, “‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Let’s help the helpers. The White Helmets organization have been instrumental in saving lives in Syria (78,000+ and counting). TIME did a beautiful piece on the White Helmets that is worth checking out.

For more information on White Helmets and ways to donate click here:

SolSun Call for Action for April 1-15, 2017

April, 2017

[Note: It's Spring Break and I'm off to South Padre Island to get waaaaaasted! APRIL FOOLS! (I don't even know where South Padre Island is). But for real though: I, your trusted Daily Action writer + poster, am taking a vacation, heading to Italy tomorrow to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday. I'm convinced that #RussiaGate will explode while I'm gone, and that I'll get a 2am text that impeachment hearings are underway and then I'll have total FOMO—but we'll see. Point is, I won't be writing regular Daily Actions for the next week and a half. Leslie Dotson Van Every will do some, but she'll be extra busy holding down the main SolSun fort, since Jennye Garibaldi is also on vacay, riding bikes on volcanoes on the Big Island. I'll pop in here and there, but for good daily Calls To Action (CTAs) please look to; Daily Action; and the Indivisible FB page. This will be the longest I've gone without writing daily about politics since the damn election, which I imagine will be both relaxing and liberating, and also...hard? Weird? We'll see. I WILL be hosting Rome's first SolSun meeting on the 9th tho, and will def post pictures! Ciao e grazie mille for being on this wild ride with us!]

Mark your calendars and get your marching shoes ready, because this month is (quite necessarily) action-packed. Here's just some of what's coming down the pipe. Planning to march in your area? Consider coordinating with local SolSun chapters and marching together—this will be a suggested discussion topic for chapter meetings on the 9th. There will definitely be Bay Area SolSun contingents marching—please comment in the thread below and let us know where YOU plan to march, and for which ones!

*Fight For $15: 4/4

*April SolSun Meetings: 4/9

*Tax March: 4/15

*March For Science: 4/22 (Earth Day)

*People's Climate March: 4/29

Also, the next Congressional Recess is April 10-21st (which includes Passover, Good Friday, and Easter), so plan for some townhalls, office visits, and more! (Also: Radical Resistance Seders?! Easter Egg hunts with call scripts + actions hidden inside the eggs?! Let's get creative!).

April is here, which means It's Aries season and I'll get all astrological on you for JUST a second—"As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent." Let's harness the courage, optimism, energy, and confidence of the ARIES and let April be the month that it all comes tumbling down.


SolSun Call for Action for March 30th

Thurs, March 30, 2017

1) Well. This is sh*tty. The Senate just passed legislation that would allow states to block federal family-planning funds to Planned Parenthood—it was close, because GOP Sens Murkowski and Collins voted No, b/c they actually have some degree of concern for women's lives. Pence was the tie-breaker, and a Senator from Georgia who just had back surgery dramatically showed up with a walker to cast his vote, because apparently his post-surgery pain is nothing compared to the pain of millions of women. Anyway. The resolution repeals a regulation that Obama added (two days before he left office) to Title X (Ten) of the Public Health Service Act that prevents states from defunding health and family planning centers (like Planned Parenthood) because they provide abortion services.

Although the Hyde Amendment of 1976 already prohibits federal dollars from specifically funding abortions, many anti-choice lawmakers want to block *all* federal money from going to any clinics that offer abortions (thus defunding all other clinic services: cancer screenings, STD testing, infertility treatment, other basic health support, thereby devastating the lives of millions of women across the country who rely on these clinics for care, etc etc ETC). Some states have already attempted to defund abortion-providing centers by withholding Medicaid funds, but President Obama's Title X family planning protection rule made it harder for states to do this legally—until today.

What to do? Well, it passed—you can call your Reps and tell them how unhappy you are, but the best way to immediately act is—you guessed it!—

#ACTION: SUPPORT CLINICS + ORGS WHO SUPPORT WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH. This can be NARAL or your local PP affiliate, or another independent clinic. And you can support with your $$$ or your volunteer time + energy (or both!) Also: If you live in a progressive area where access to PP/safe clinics is available, consider donating to clinics in rural areas of your state OR to other states that have GOP Governors and limited clinic access.



"Hello. My name is (NAME) and I am calling from (STATE). My zip code is (ZIP). I am calling to urge you to unite with your colleagues and publicly support the Gorsuch filibuster. We cannot hand over a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court to a man who threatens all our values, ESPECIALLY when the president who appointed him is under active investigation for possibly colluding with Russia to swing the election.


#ACTION "Hello. My name is (NAME) and I am calling from (STATE). My zip code is (ZIP). I am calling to urge you to stand up to Senator McConnell and vote against the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. We cannot hand over a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court when the president who appointed him is under active investigation for possibly colluding with Russia to swing the election."


Oooooh are you watching CSPAN 3 today?! The first public hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee: Russian & 2016 Election!…/senate-intelligence-committee-hearing…/…

And there's this:…/devin-nunes-intelligence-reports.…

#ACTION So! We call about Nunes:

House Select Committee on Intelligence - Majority Staff

+1 202-225-4121

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP].
I'm calling to demand that Devin Nunes step down from his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes has repeatedly demonstrated that he is more committed to partisan politics than to investigating potential threats to our democracy, including the Trump adminstration's potential ties to Russia."