Call for Action - February 20, 2018

Tues 2/20/2018

In less than one week, a group of teenagers who survived a massacre and lost friends, classmates, teachers, and coaches, have come together with unbelievable strength, unity, focus, and determination. Many of us are asking how we can support them. Here are some ideas:

*FOLLOW them online:
@cameron_kasky ‏ 
@Ryan_Deitsch ‏

*DONATE to the March For Our Lives

*BUY merch and represent the movement!

*SIGN UP to participate in a nearby March For Our Lives event—or start one!

*AMPLIFY their powerful voices and actions by sharing, retweeting, forwarding, projecting, etc the speeches, tweets, demonstrations, interviews, etc.

*THANK media outlets/networks who give these young people airtime—write letters, make calls, use twitter to show that you're listening and watching.

*MAKE YOUR SUPPORT VISIBLE by putting a sign/bumpersticker/etc in your car/window/office/etc. Not always a safe option in some parts of the country, but if you can do it, please do! A simple #NEVERAGAIN or PROTECT KIDS NOT GUNS can go a long way to show support.

*JOIN/DONATE to orgs like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

*SUPPORT ALL organized walk-outs and demonstrations—and plan your own! So far there is:

3/6 Teachers' Day of Action Against Gun Violence (spearheaded by SolSunner Lyndsey Schlax

3/14 Women's March Walkout, led by Youth EMPOWER: Marks one month since the Parkland shooting. At 10 a.m. in every time zone, organizers are encouraging teachers, students, administrators, parents and allies to walk out for 17 minutes — one for every person killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

3/24 The March For Our Lives: This Saturday event will include a main march in DC, and marches all over the country. Organized + led by the students of MSD

4/20 National Student Walkout April 20 is the anniversary of the Columbine Shooting, and students who live near Sandy Hook, CT, have called for another walkout on this day

There are also spontaneous actions happening at schools all over the country. If they're happening in your city/school/neighborhood, show up and cheer and show support! It's all moving quickly and developing organically—I'd like to respectfully suggest that, unless you're actively involved in the planning of these events, opinions about the most effective ways to protest/organize/coordinate don't *always* need to be shared. This deserves MORE than one action, on one way, and I have full faith that people—esp young people—can handle more than one date and one kind of action.

*BE AS BOLD AS THEY ARE—these young people are NOT afraid to call BS on the NRA, the gun lobby, and the people who continue to defend them. But they're also FOCUSED on policy and meaningful change. It's not easy, but can we take a cue from them and not waste our energy engaging in endless circular gun control arguments online? David Brooks is out here penning op-eds for the NYT about coddling the sensitive old white male gun-lovers while these kids are organzing mass resistance, calling out Trump on national TV, and LOLing at Rush Limbaugh on twitter. Let's be like the youth and not GAF about the old dinosaurs! Let's be the future! To quote Melinda Bailey: "It's cute that y'all still think we want to argue with you and your 40 year old NRA bumper sticker slogans. We don't need you to sign off on common sense gun reform. We're going to make it happen with or without you."

Also, I just want to send virtual love + support to the thousands of young people in the Parkland community—and ALL communities affected by gun violence—who aren't able to rise up and organize and speak out as these kids are. Not everyone has the emotional/physical/financial/etc resources to do what these kids are doing, and I want to acknowledge those whose trauma prevents them from being able to leave the house or get out of bed. The #NeverAgain students are making it very clear that their efforts are part of their coping, and that they're doing this for the safety of ALL young people. It's amazing and inspiring and we are here to support them.

Call for Action - February 15, 2018

When Kate Schatz, Jennye Garibaldi and I started Solidarity Sundays it was in response to the San Bernadino shootings in January 2016 and Obama had outlined in a speech how he wanted to make changes. But with a Republican congress and senate nothing was done.

Since then our groups have sent thousands of postcards and made calls demanding change. But still the mass shootings continue and our shame at having a government that cares more for the NRA than our children and loved ones grows.

What can we do? Here's a start.

1) Get on the phone and call your reps. Yes, we've done it before but do it again. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. 5calls again nails it in the action today:

2) Find out whether or not any of your reps did receive money from the NRA and SHAME them. And share that info online and get more friends to do it.

3) Donate time and money to a local gun control group.

4) Get involved with 2018 elections to do everything possible to put more gun control reps in places of power. This is the root to everything. Know how your potential reps stand on gun control.

5) I hate to even write this but make sure you and your family know what to do if there is an active shooter. Please ask your children if they have been taught what to do if there is an active shooter. OK, I just started crying writing about it.

I wish I could offer you more. I wish I could end the NRA and all of its power. I wish we could trust our government to just make the right decisions on this. But we can't right now, so we must act.

Call for Action - February 7, 2018

THANK NANCY PELOSI FOR LITERALLY STANDING UP FOR DREAMERS (For SEVEN HOURS! In 4-inch heels! At age 77!) She has set a record for speaking on the House floor and has been sharing stories and testimonials from  DREAMers all day long—because the short-term spending bill does NOT include language on immigration. SHE IS STILL SPEAKING AS I TYPE THIS!

As the article points out, holding the floor like this is very unusual in the House, "which has no equivalent to the filibuster in the Senate."

#ACTION: Call her office (DC or SF--or both!) and THANK HER for standing up for DREAMers and keeping them in the conversation and the news.

(202) 225-4965

(415) 556-4862

Call for Action - February 2, 2018

I tried to sit down and write about what the hell is going on but then I saw that Rebecca Solnit was on it and I'm just gonna share her words here below. Especially this: "I don't know what's going on, but people: get ready."

Also, here's an #ACTION: CALL YOUR HOUSE REP AND TELL THEM THAT NUNES HAS TO GO! Echo Nancy Pelosi's call to remove him immediately. He's a lying scheming fool at best, a treasonous criminal co-conspirator at worst (and these days are pretty much the worst). He is making a mockery of Congressional process and posing an enormous threat to the shreds of order and dignity that remain. NO MORE NUNES!

- - - - - 

So everyone's clear that what's going on is an attempt to remove all power that does not issue from the president and turn the USA into a kleptocratic Putinesque regime? By both covering up and killing the investigation of specific crimes but also undermining all independent federal agencies and purging all independent  federal workers or those whose loyalty is to law and science and fact rather than the regime.

SOTU: “I call on the congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers—and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

The diplomatic corps is gutted, many agencies are hemmorhaging employees who are distressed by the new conditions, and I suppose they think that they will take over the whole thing rather than that it will collapse on them, but yeah, I think it's a civil war-ish constitutional crisis-ish attempt to turn a republic into a despotic regime. Oh and also, the refusal to sanction Russia or protect elections or address the cyberwar going on just makes everything weirder. And the propaganda war has many on the right convinced that the Mueller investigation is a coup itself.

I mean, they are incompetent buffoons, but they have their hands on the wheel and wresting it from them will not be uncomplicated or easy.

This is a very good time to remember that they govern by the will of the governed, and that we can withdraw our consent, as many have in other times and places. What that looks like we will have to invent: there are many blueprints, but no clear, predictable route out of this morass. (We will exit by nonviolent means, I might add, because they work better and because violence is kind of their thing, not mine, probably not yours.)

I don't know what's going to happen but people: get ready.

Call for Action - January 29, 2018

**UPDATE: BILL HAS BEEN BLOCKED! See article link below**



Mitch McConnell has scheduled a vote on the 20-week abortion ban (officially S. 2311, the Senate version of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act) for TONIGHT.

The bill has failed twice in the Senate (2013 and 2015) and is seen as unlikely to pass (needs 60 votes) but we still must make noise about it. This is a nasty political move to further the GOP's obsession with controlling women's bodies; to appease GOP anti-choice donors; AND to put vulnerable Dems like McCaskill (MO) and Heitkamp (ND) in a tough position.

The bill would impose a federal ban on abortion procedures after 20 weeks of gestation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that only 1.3% of all abortions take place after 20 weeks and usually occur because of severe fetal anomalies or maternal health risks. Twenty-week abortion restrictions not only endanger women's health but also criminalize doctors who are trying to make the best and safest medical decisions for their patients. These deeply personal and emotional decisions should be between a woman and her doctor and not involve politicians playing games with partisan agendas and junk science.

While 17 states have already passed their own versions of 20-week abortion bans, this bill aims to impose the unconstitutional restriction on women's reproductive rights on the entire country.



"I'm calling to express my serious opposition to S. 2311, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This federal 20-week abortion ban is not only unconstitutional but also jeopardizes women's health and physicians' ability to care for their patients. It is based on faulty science, and I demand that Senator _________ vote against this disgraceful bill."


UPDATE - bill has been blocked:

Call for Action - January 18, 2018

From Daily Action:

New Sanctuary's Immigrant Accompaniment Program organizes community groups to stand next to undocumented people as they appear for ICE check-ins and hearings in immigration court. Ravi Ragbir, the executive director of this organization and a prominent immigrant rights activist, was detained at a recent check-in—in spite of a court-ordered stay of removal.

#ACTION: Call your senators and ask them to meet with DHS Secretary Nielsen and ask her to release Ravi Ragbir, A Number: 044-248-862, from detention. CALL 844-241-1141 (or call your Senators directly!)

Ravi's detention is part of a larger effort by ICE to intimidate, punish, and remove leadership from the movement for immigrant rights. New Sanctuary's co-founder, Jean Montrevil, was detained by ICE agents in front of his home recently, two weeks before his scheduled check-in, even though he'd been dutifully showing up for ICE check-ins for years. Eliseo Jurado, the husband of the activist and sanctuary-seeker Ingrid Latorre in Denver, was also taken by ICE this week, from the parking lot of a grocery store while he texted his wife. And, in Washington, Maru Mora Villalpando, a prominent immigration leader, was served with a notice to appear in immigration court, often the first step in the deportation process.

The people who are being detained are public figures who have actively spoken up for the human rights of immigrants, especially those facing deportation. Their removal from their communities is not coincidental—it is meant to threaten the security of the undocumented people, Dreamers, and TPS recipients they fought to protect. Moreover, it is part of a campaign by ICE and this administration to be able to cherry-pick who belongs in America, who deserves security, family, and human rights, and who is to be denied these things.

Call for Action - January 8, 2018


On Monday, the Trump administration announced that it was stripping approximately 260,500 Salvadoran immigrants — who’ve been in the US for at least 17 years, since a 2001 earthquake — of temporary legal status as of July 2019.

It’s the latest, and most significant, blow in the administration’s fight against Temporary Protected Status, an immigration program that lets the government allow immigrants to stay in the US and work legally after their home countries are struck by natural disasters or war.


"I am contacting Senator/Congressperson ______ because I am outraged by the Trump Administration's cruel decision to end Temporary Protected Status for the over 200,000 Salvadorean immigrants who have been living and working in the US for nearly two decades. This is yet another heartless, racist attack on hardworking immigrants and their families, and I ask Senator/Congressperson __________ to take a stand and say NO."


Call for Action - December 18, 2017

Well here we go—almost to the end of 2017, and boy are these Republicans SCRAMBLING to be as Grinchy as possible. And that's putting it mildly. Like REALLY mildly. In the wake of the Alabama election humiliation they're pulling out ALL the democracy-destabilizing stops—They're whipping the Deplorables into a Mueller-doubting, coup-fearing, FBI-hating fake news conspiracy theory frenzy; they're apparently reenacting Brave New World over at the CDC; and yes, Virginia, there IS a Real Estate Tax Break in the Tax Scam and why yes it WILL make Paul Ryan rich!  They're gonna do their evil-best to cram it through (even without ol' McCain) and to continue this last-minute maelstrom of far-right bullshit, and WE NEED TO BE LOUD AF ABOUT IT ALL.

So in addition to ALL the other stuff you have to do this week (buy all the presents; fry 800 latkes; bake 1000 cookies; remember when the kid's holiday singalong pageant is; watch Elf again; stock up on holiday booze; etc) PLEASE MAKE SOME CALLS, SEND SOME EMAILS/POSTCARDS/FAXES, and spread the good word about the unhinged emperor and his wicked grinch brigade.


#ACTION: CALL/EMAIL/FAX these Senators who are potentially undecided/esp vulnerable (who ever really knows tho):

202-224-5323 Senator Ron Johnson

202-224-4521 Senator Jeff Flake

202-224-2523 Senator Susan Collins

202-224-6665 Senator Lisa Murkowski

202-224-3344; 423-756-2757 Senator Bob Corker

Special Bonus Call to Little Marco Rubio:

202-224-3041 Senator Marco Rubio

(Tell Rubio that the child tax credit is NOT enough--this bill will still hurt families, and voters will remember that in 2018 AND in 2020)

Keep it simple (and feel free to add your own personal touches of outrage):



#ACTION: Call YOUR Senator to demand that the Mueller investigation be protected!

[IF CALLING SENATE] I'm calling to urge Senator _______ to support S.1735, the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act, and make a public statement that the firing of Special Counsel Mueller by Trump would be completely unacceptable. It’s the duty of Congress to serve as a check on Trump and prevent him from sending our democracy into a tailspin.

[IF CALLING HOUSE] I'm calling to urge Rep _______ to make a public statement that the firing of Special Counsel Mueller by Trump would be completely unacceptable. It's the duty of Congress to serve as a check on Trump and prevent him from sending our democracy into a tailspin.

Call call CALL!

Call for Action - December 14, 2017



Well. WELL. What a delight. What a shock. What an UPSET and what a REBUKE. Doug Jones has defeated Roy Moore and by now I'm pretty sure we have all seen the results, which means that we all know that Doug Jones could *very literally not have won this election* without the overwhelming support from Alabama's Black voters—ESPECIALLY Black women. *98% of Black women voted for Doug Jones.* NINETY EIGHT. Got that?!

While results also show that white women in Alabama DID support Jones in higher numbers than they did Obama (35% of white women voted jones, while only 16% voted Obama in 2012), the real story here is the Black vote. Black women are THE most consistent Democratic voting block in the country. Yet the DNC and mainstream Dem strategists/orgs/etc have consistently ignored this, choosing instead to focus on and chase elusive white swing voters/white working class votes/etc. Thankfully, MANY grassroots orgs know otherwise, and invested enormous amounts of time and money in GOTV efforts on the ground in Alabama w/ a focus on registering and empowering (historically incredibly disenfranchised) Black voters.

I've seen a lot of reactions to this in my TL, and a lot of posts along the lines of "White women, we have work to do." YES. 100% So LET'S DO SOME WORK, and LET'S START WITH MONEY.

#ACTION Give money to organizations that explicitly invest in progressive Black female leadership. Give money to Black and POC-led orgs that work on the ground in local communities, organizing, educating, registering voters, and doing the crucial GOTV work that leads to victories like this! Give your money to progressive Black female candidates. Learn about these organizations. Reach out to them. Support them. Host fundraisers for them.


Donate to THE COLLECTIVE, a PAC focused on building Black political power by recruiting, training, and electing 45 progressive Black candidates in 2017 and 2018. They've already had great success with a number of candidates who won in last months' special elections (Justin Fairchild, Vi Lyles, etc). LET'S GIVE THEM MONEY!






Donate to STACEY ABRAMS, who's running for Gov of Georgia!


Donate to DEMOCRACY IN COLOR, an org dedicated to empowering the New American Majority—multiracial, multicultural, and progressive—through media, public conversations, research and analysis on race and politics (Also check out the founder's excellent book BROWN IS THE NEW WHITE).


There is MUCH more to do—but let's put our MONEY where our mouths/FB posts/white guilt/etc are!

Call for Action - November 22, 3017


Net Neutrality—i.e. equal access to a free and "open" Internet—is imminently threatened by the Trump-era FCC and the power of the Telecom giants. There are a number of crucial calls + emails to make, which I'll list below, but first I wanted to share this great idea for a Thanksgiving Day #action from SolSunner Vaneeta Sandhu:

#ACTION: Bring preaddressed postcards to Thanksgiving dinner and ask guests to write a short message in support of net neutrality! Net neutrality is (ideally) an issue that MANY people can get behind (unless your uncle works for Viacom or something ;). If this is up your alley, here are some tips:

**Bring a stack of postcards that you've preaddressed to the Chairman of the FCC:

Ajit Pai c/o Sec. Marlene H. Dortch

Federal Communications Commission

Office of the Secretary

445 12th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20554

**Be prepared with some basic talking points for people who aren't familiar with the issue

**Write a few sample messages, and let people know they can keep it simple (and punny, if you think they'll like that)–

"Dear FFC Chairman: I am THANKFUL for a free and open internet. PLEASE PRESERVE NET NEUTRALITY"

"Don't be a turkey! KEEP THE INTERNET OPEN!"

"Today I am thankful for cranberries, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, and A FREE AND OPEN INTERNET"

**Have a plan for mailing them—offer to collect and mail them yourself, or make sure people take them with them (pro tip: don't leave them behind at your host's house! ;)

NOW! Here are MORE #ACTIONS and some more detailed info from 5 Calls:

The FCC has confirmed that they will vote on 12/14 to abolish the regulations that prevent internet service providers from blocking access to certain sites, throttling internet speeds, and otherwise controlling what websites and online services are available to their customers.

Internet users scored a significant victory in 2014 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) installed protections for net neutrality and the "open Internet." Net neutrality allows all users to have equal access to everything available on the Internet, and prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from essentially turning the internet into cable television -- creating fast and slow speeds for sites of their choosing and charging consumers premium prices for upgraded access. Without net neutrality, small businesses, low-income individuals, and much of rural America would lose access to affordable, reasonably-fast internet service.

The four major ISPs (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and AT&T) have been lobbying against the 2014 net neutrality regulations, frustrated by the constraints placed on their ability to profit from those who need their services the most. They have specifically targeted the classification of ISPs as Title II services, a category that requires more strict federal oversight. In response to their lobbying efforts, the new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has pledged to roll back these net neutrality protections with a softer Title I classification and will allow ISPs to instead make voluntary, unenforceable commitments that they will maintain the open Internet.


Ajit Pai, Chairman:

Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner:

Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner: Mike.O'

Brendan Carr, Commissioner:

Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner:

"I'm writing to express my disapproval that the FCC is trying to kill net neutrality and the strong Title II oversight of Internet Service Providers. I stand with the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already commented in support of net neutrality, as well as major companies like Google. Preserving an open internet is crucial for fair and equal access to the resources and information available on it."


Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman