Solidarity Sundays is a nationwide network of community activist groups resisting the current (un)American administration and the systemic inequities that existed long before Trump came to power. We believe that our country is stronger and we all do better when we work together to fight racism, sexism, anti-immigrant actions, bias against the LGBTQ+ community, harm to the environment, corruption, attacks on democracy, and more.

What do we do? On the seoond Sunday each montb, we gather in homes across the country to:

  • ADVOCATE for policies and actions that will create the country we want for ourselves and our children (through letters, emails, phone calls, social media, and meetings with elected officials)

  • AMPLIFY the work of existing progressive organizations (supporting their actions & learning about their goals & strategy)

  • BUILD COMMUNITIES of empowered, informed, active, anti-racist, feminist, intersectional advocates so we can raise our voices, support each other, resist the Trump agenda, and work for justice and equity.

The basic premise is simple: On the second Sunday of each month, come to a Solidarity Sundays meeting to take action on the current issues that matter.

We write postcards, make phone calls, and send emails to elected officials, bring in guest speakers, meet with representatives, and organize, educate, and empower on nationwide and local issues.

Each event has a chapter host who provides attendees with a well-researched infoscript. Our national infoscripts provide a list of actions on timely issues. The infoscripts have background info on the issue/s at hand, along with what to do, how to reach your target, and sample scripts to make the process of calling and letter-writing easy and unintimidating. In addition to the national actions, chapters are encouraged to develop their own local and regional actions based upon the needs of their communities. There are also snacks, drinks, and conversations, because building community and supporting each other are essential to activism. Want to be a SolSun Host? Start here!